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Friday, August 10

Good Morning! 

 Poor, sweet Anna-Belle!  As a result of not being fed for 4 days, the Michael's family fish is clinging to life.  Mark's wife and daughter went away for 4 days and unfortunately "Feed the Fish" was not on Mark's To Do List.  We'll keep you posted...

Need some ideas for the week-end?  Here's a quick look at our "Family Fun Calendar" -

  1. Back to School Fashion Show - Pinnacle Hills Promenade Food Pavilion - 1-5 p.m. - Saturday, Aug. 11

  2. 114th Annual Gravette Day - Kindley City Park - 6 a.m.-Midnight - Saturday, Aug. 11 -

  3. The 8th Annual Joy Worship Conference - Rogers, AR - Friday-Sunday, Aug. 10-12 -

  4. 109th Annual Tontitown Grape Festival - Tontitown, AR - Tuesday, August 14-Saturday, August 18

To those of you who are on Day 10 of the TV Fast, you're doing great!!  Keep up the good work through the week-end, and be sure and listen next Friday as we will be giving away a surprise gift to those of you who are on this journey with Mark! 

Have a great week-end!  Talk to you again on Monday!


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