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There's lots of ways to participate in Lent. This article that a friend sent me had a different idea of what to give up. What do you think? Does your family do Lent? If so what are your traditions? 

This Friday team KLRC will be packing meals for NWA vs. Hunger. We'd love for you to join us. You can register here. 

And a quick update from Mark on their adoption:

Thanks so much for Praying for Ruth!  It’s been a crazy week for the little girl our family is waiting to bring home from Ghana.  After going 3 days with no water at the orphanage (imagine 100 degrees with no water for bathing, cooking, cleaning… ), they  now have water flowing!  Yesterday more documents were submitted at the embassy so we are praying that approvals will come soon and sweet Ruth will be home in NWA!  Thanks for praying!! Mark


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