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Thursday, August 16


Thanks to our vocalists who called in and sang us Christmas Carols!  That was a "cool" treat on what is expected to be another toasty day! 

We spoke with Glenda Clare about back to school organization tips.  Her advice:  keep once place for backpacks.  Preferably not on the kitchen table or counter.  Also, if you are like me and want to be involved in your children's school, just let the teachers know.  You won't be a pest and most teachers like to know that you are interested in being a part of your child's experience.   

And today is a big day in the Ryan Household - Kindergarten Orientation.  

I shared this in the "Positive Thought of the Day."  It was written by Edith Willis Linn and has always brought me comfort on days like today when I tend to feel a bit restless. 

Have a wonderful day! 

Jen Ryan

Dear restless heart, be still; don't fret and worry so;

God has a thousand ways His love and help to show;

Just trust, and trust, and trust, until His will you know.

Dear restless heart, be brave; don't moan and sorrow so,

He hath a meaning kind in chilly winds that blow;

Just hope, and hope, and hope, until you braver grow.

Dear restless heart, be still!  Don't struggle to be free!

God's life is in your life, from Him you may not flee;

Just pray, and pray, and pray, till you have faith to see.

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