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Tuesday, August 14


The Michaels Family pet fish, Anna-Belle, has passed away.  The family had a small memorial service last night in the open lot next to their home.  Please feel free to leave your condolences on the blog.   

Thank you so much to everyone who called or emailed their encouraging words for the twins' first day of kindergarten!  I can't tell you how touched I am that so many of you took the time to call or write.  Thank you for your understanding and your sweet words!

 Glenda Clare reminded us that parents can be weepy, but NOT in front of their children.  Our kiddos pick up on our emotions, so if as parent's we're timid about their new season of life (kindergarten, senior year in high school, etc.) they are more likely to be timid, as well.  So, parents, one word for you for the first day of school - Sunglasses! 

Have a wonderful day!

Jen Ryan

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