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Tuesday, September 4


We had a fun morning!!  Mark and I were talking before the show about his wife, Tiff's, recent trip to the grocery store.   Her list was long, the store was busy and she came back less than thrilled about her 2-hour adventure.  I told Mark that what I do to "reward" myself for a successful shopping trip is to buy myself a small token of appreciation - lipstick, earrings, a magazine.  The self-gift is never large and usually under $5.  Well, this completely threw him off.  He had NO IDEA that this sort of reward system even existed and he challenged our listeners to weigh in on the subject.  We received over 30 phone calls and the verdict is in - our listeners do reward themselves for making it through the tougher chores in life.  We heard of candy, golf balls, pop, lipstick and more all being bought as a reward for enduring life's not so fun chores!  Thanks to everyone who called in;  We couldn't stop laughing!  At the end of the show Mark confessed of his very own self-gifting reward system - a slurpee at the end of a very tiring day.  :)

It's great to be back!  Have a wonderful Tuesday! 


PS - Here is the poem that I read as the Positive Thought of the Day:

Just a Mom, You Say?

by Sharon Jaynes

"I'm just a mom,"

I overheard her say,

With eyes downcast

And a look of dismay.

I turned with a start

And enthusiastically decreed,

"A mom, did you say?"

Oh, can it be?

"For a mom is a beacon

Shining so bright,

A landmark by day,

And a light by night.

"She guides and protects

On land and at sea.

Did you say a mom?

Oh, can it be?

"She list ens to stories

Woes and concerns,

With her eyes and her heart,

She quickly discerns.

"Questions she asks,

To draw children out.

Building godly ones

Is what she's about.

"She gives the gift

Of encouraging words.

With courage and strength

Their souls she girds.

"She cheers them up,

When they are down,

And turns sad days,

Completely around.

"She says, 'You can do it!

I know that you can!'

And develops a boy

Into a man.

"She builds self-esteem

Into young hearts.

Jesus Christ's power,

She thus imparts.

"Who am I?'

She hears them say.

'You are God's child,

Loved-come what may.'

"Foundations of love,

Walls capable and strong,

Valued, adored,

They know they belong.

"She sows seeds of Scripture,

Day after day,

And sows seeds of prayer,

That help point the way.

"She guards information

That goes in their heads

And whispers a prayer

As they're tucked into beds.

"She sets an example

Of how they should live,

Of how our Father

Can quickly forgive.

"Love, joy and peace,

Is what they see,

Knowing the example she sets,

Is what they will be.

"She never gives up

When life gets tough.

And doesn't give in

When kids get rough.

"A warrior a fighter,

She diligently prays,

And then at God's feet

Her children she lays.

"Just a mom,' you say?

What an honor bestowed,

A beacon, a builder,

With many seeds sowed.

"A list ener, encourager,

Diligent too.

A mom, how bless-ed.

My hat's off to you!"

I finished my sermon,

Not making a scene,

And transformed before me

She looked like a queen.

Her eyes now beaming

She sat tall and erect.

"Excuse me, sir

I spoke incorrect.

"God gave me a job,

That compares to none other,

Esteemed and chosen by Him.

You see, I'm a mother."

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