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Wednesday, August 15

Good Morning!

Mark started our morning by sharing this "Positive Thought of the Day" written by Jason Gray: 

We drove over the bridge about three hours earlier that day. We couldn't believe our eyes as we got home and images started coming in of the fallen bridge that just a short time earlier we drove over without a care or thought.  With the dust now settling, some want to blame inspectors, some politicians, and yet others wonder where God was in all this.  As the search begins for whose doorstep to lay the blame of this misfortune on I suppose it was only a matter of time before God's name was added to the list of the usual suspects.  I think we apply the same kind of logic to the headlines of our day, perhaps as a way of protecting ourselves from the horror of it all we attribute the worst that we see to divine justice. The beggar on the street corner is living with the consequences of his failure to make good decisions. Those impacted by the AIDs virus in Africa are paying the price for their sins (never mind that it's the innocent children left behind who are the real victims here). Those who suffer probably brought it on themselves, right?  Like all calamities, this one's got people asking big questions: Did God actively cause the bridge to fall?  Did he just passively allow it to fall? Why didn't he step in to prevent the collapse?  Or as Roman's 8:28 says:  "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose..." (NASB)  This image of God as master chess player reconciles both the mystery of man's free will and God's sovereignty.  To me this means that we live in a fallen world where things go terribly wrong and men's wickedness knows no limits, and yet there is hope that God can redeem all of it and use it in service to His redemptive plan.  Could I be so blessed as to play a part? To me it means that whether God willed the bridge to fall into the Mississippi or not, one thing is for certain – it's all material and God can use even this random misfortune to build his Kingdom.

Thank you to Glenda Clare who, again, joined us to talk about preparing our children for the new school year.  Her advice included:

  1. Getting back on schedule can be tough.  Start the transition as early as you can and stick to it! 

  2. Make your morning routine part of your evening routine.  Go through backpacks after dinner, lay out clothes for the next school day, and plan ahead for the next day. 

  3. If you have teens, encourage them to take an afternoon nap.  As crazy as it might sound, a 15 minute nap can do them a world of good. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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