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Stories of Hope


God Rescued Me

There was a time in my life when I couldn't get things together. I struggled with temptations and foolish choices. Nothing in my life was working out. I was unstable financially, physically, and spiritually. I was in and out of church trying to make things better on my own. I tried to fix things myself without God.

I gave my life back to the Lord in June of 2012, and since then my life has changed. Emotionally and spiritually I am filled with a new happiness every day. My life did a 180 degree turn. To know me then and to know me now is like knowing two different people, and now I am stable in every way.

I am so blessed beyond anything I could have imagined two years ago. I have God to thank for it. He rescued me from myself and my destructive ways and choices. I am blessed to be a child of God. 

Listening to your station is so uplifting to me that I find myself singing along and smiling every time I listen. It's great that you are able to reach more people in positive ways. Thanks for making a difference!

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