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Stories of Hope


He Turns Ashes into Beauty

KLRC has been my go to ever since I was young. I would listen to it as I would get ready for school and when I would do homework.

This last year has been, by far, the worst and best year I've ever had. I lost my mom on September 3, 2016 and I met my now husband three weeks before that. I've been struggling with this loss for the last year due to my mom and I being best friends. The first time I heard Colton Dixon's song "The Other Side," it reminded me that even though her time here was done and God called her home, I will see her soon. One day, He is going to call us home and I will get to see her again. This has become my anthem in that part of my life and I am forever grateful that this station has provided encouragement and understanding in my time of wondering and darkness.

So thank you for being a positive difference in the NWA area! You are all amazing!

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