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Stories of Hope


Get Back Up

I was a former drug addict. Thirty days ago the Lord saw fit to change my life.

Thirty-five days ago I was picked up for trying to elude the Texas police in my car. I was in the middle of an emotional break down. Legalities are still in front of me. When I got out of jail and was driving back to Springdale, my wife was listing to 90.9 KLRC and I heard this song "Get Back Up" by Toby Mac.  It hit me like a bolt of lighting -- that's what I need to do...

I prayed and talked with my ministers at my church. The advice I got was to start fasting and pray. I have done this now for 30 days. The Lord has blessed me abundantly. I am still a work in progress and I have a long legal fight in front of me. But with Lord on my side, who can stand against me?

The positive music I hear from 90.9 KLRC has helped me change my attitude and my outlook on my life. People at my Celebrate Recovery group have noticed a change in me already.

I have been asked what I do to change I tell them:  1) Pray!  2) Give in anyway possible.  3) Fasting.  4) I now listen to 90.9 KLRC!  Thank you KLRC, your music has changed my life. Could you pray for me and please play "Get back up" for me?  It has become my theme song!

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