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Stories of Hope


Thanks For Helping Us Not Lose Hope

I want to share how much your station has meant to my husband and I, especially over the last year.

We found ourselves grasping to find hope this same time last year as our teenage son was suicidal and cutting himself. On our second trip to a heath facilty to commit our son, we were at probably the lowest point in our lives and "Worn" by Tenth Avenue North came on KLRC and both of us knew immediately that it was God's timing. Without each of us knowing it at the time, my husband and I were both praying for the words to touch our son.

We believe it was part of the start of an amazing turn of events and within a week God miraculously saved our son from the atheistic life he was living. To top it off, God miraculously saved another son from an accident that should have killed him. There is no earthly explanation for how he survived the crash.

God turned our hopeless situation upside down and your radio station played a big part in comforting us during some really difficult days. Thanks for all you do!

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