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Stories of Hope


Uplifting on Dark Days

KLRC has made a huge difference in my life for years. My two boys and I listen to KLRC every day before work and school. My sons are always singing along to the songs and I'm so grateful that they have positive songs running through their minds as they start their day.

After the sudden death of my husband 3 years ago, I listened to the station for the uplifting that I needed on those dark days when I thought I just couldn't put one foot in front of another. I have listened to a song on 90.9 and then downloaded it to my phone so that I could hear it again and again until I was able to move on with another day.

Before my husband passed, I had been listening to "Revelation Song" sung by Phillips, Craig and Dean. It helped me to realize that no matter what the situation is, Jesus is our savior and He is here for us always.

Over the first days and months that followed, I found myself not able to smile or sing because of overwhelming sadness and grief. The uplifting messages in the songs KLRC plays allowed me to ease back into feeling the possibility of a smile or actually singing.

My boys and I would sing together each morning to KLRC on the way to school.

Soon, my smile came back.

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