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30 Day Challenge

2018 might have exactly the hope you need to make this year the best one yet! So we’re challenging you to try something for 30 days that might be life changing.

Step 1: Choose to listen exclusively to KLRC’s uplifting, encouraging music for 30 days. Just see what listening will do to your perspective!

Step 2: Sign-up to get a daily email with encouragement as you take this challenge. Starting January 2nd, you’ll hear from your favorite KLRC artists & DJ's, get a sneak peek to upcoming new music, and so much more!

In life, you can’t hit an "undo" button, but you can hit one called "start over." As you take the 30 Day Challenge, we are praying you will find hope for that new beginning. Plus with daily encouragement, you just might find yourself connecting with God in a unique way!

Are you ALL IN? We believe God can do something amazing in our lives as we take the step to connect with Him in 2018!

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Did you listen to KLRC during our Fall Fundraiser last week? If so, we have a quick survey for you... and a chance… https://t.co/La6J9KYF56
Did you listen to our fall fundraiser last week? If so, we've got a quick survey for you+and a chance to win Fork K… https://t.co/qJg58wLUls