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Day 5: Be The Change

Today's challenge is to "Be The Change" by connecting with God and what He is doing through some amazing organizations and places to serve in our community.

As we start the new year, check out the Non-Profit Database here at and spend some time asking God where He might want to use you to make a positive difference in 2017. Take the first step by reaching out to see how you can help.


Big Brothers Big Sisters

When I think back over my life about the things that have made the biggest difference to me mentoring is at the top of the list. The men and women who have poured into me through the gift of their time have shaped my life.


Day 4: I Have This Hope

"I don't like that it says, 'When you pass through the water.' I want it to say, 'When you walk on top of the water.'"

On Monday we're going to start playing a brand new song from Tenth Avenue North. Today, you get to hear the heart behind the song from lead singer Mike Donehey, who has some uplifting words of hope for the hard seasons of life!


Day 3: Ready or Not

I'm Holley Gerth, and if we had coffee today I'd say, "You don’t have to feel ready for God to use you."

I once overheard a young man and his mentor talking about faith. The young man asked, "When am I going to be ready to help someone else?"


Day 2: Listening to God

Today’s challenge is to connect with God through prayer.

So often we think of prayer as us telling God what we need, what we are worried about, or what we're struggling through. While, like a good Father, God welcomes us pouring our hearts out to Him, today’s challenge is to see prayer as a conversation that starts with God.


Day 1: Be Still

Welcome to the first day of KLRC's 21 Day Challenge! We're so excited you're joining us. 

To kick off our journey, Keri (from The KLRC Morning Show) shares with us the importance of finding some peace in the midst of the chaos and focusing on being present in each moment.


21 Day Challenge

Are you up for a very special 21-Day-Challenge?

The next 21 days might have exactly the hope you need to make this year the best one yet! So we’re challenging you to try something for 21 days that might be life changing!


Christmas Wish Rewind

Thanks for being a part of KLRC's Christmas Wish!

With the help of Sam's Furniture and lots of other benevolent businesses, families, and individuals in Northwest Arkansas and beyond, we were able to bring a little joy to three families who needed a reminder of God's love this Christmas season.


The Salvation Army

I always notice it when the temperature turns colder, the ringing in the air. I’m sure you’ve heard it too as you're trying to complete your Christmas errands. Maybe like me, you’ve dug cold fingers into your wallet looking for some change to drop into the Red Kettle. Its become as much of a Christmas tradition for me as putting up the tree and making cookies with the kids.


The Gift

Did someone you didn’t know give you a gift today? We took over the drive-thru with hopes of spreading some Christmas JOY. 

You had a debt. It was paid for you. You can’t pay it back. Your job is to receive it with joy.

It’s what is at the heart of Christmas!

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