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Day 16: Be an Intercessor

When I took over the KLRC Prayer Ministry, I really didn’t know what to expect. I scrolled through the prayer requests at KLRC.com, mentioned them in prayer, clicked the “I Prayed For This” button and went about my day. I quickly realized that many of the request were huge, desperate situations, with much greater need than I anticipated. I began to feel helpless and lacking in power. Then I was quickly reminded of a scripture, Romans 8:26, “The Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans."


Day 15: Be Quick to Listen

I speak for a living.

That’s why, over the course of studying the book of James with my small group this year, there’s one particular verse I haven’t been able to shake from my mind.


Day 14: Renew Your Strength

Even a few minutes reading the Bible can have so much impact! As we start a new work-week, let’s take a few minutes to remind ourselves of some life-changing truth! Take a moment to connect with God through His Word.


Day 13: Grace Day #2

Today is a "Grace Day" in the 21 Day Challenge. Today is a day to rest, reflect, or replay (get caught up on what you missed this week, or take a another look). 

If God has done something in your heart this week, we would love to hear about it!  Join the 21-Day Challenge FB group, send us an email or call 1-800-909-KLRC and share your story.  


Day 12: Be a Mentor

"Mentor" as a title can carry some serious weight. When I used to hear the word, in my mind it ranked somewhere between "sage advice-giver" and "Jedi Master." I pictured a well put together guru who had all the answers to life’s problems. To me, a mentor was somebody who built their own furniture, restored a car, and regularly read the newspaper for some reason. They're the ones that figured it all out. They never texted their parents asking how to fill out tax forms and they certainly never burned themselves pulling a Hot Pocket out of the microwave for breakfast. 


Day 11: I Will

This Monday we’re going to start playing a brand new song from Citizen Way called "I Will." Today, you get to hear the heart behind the song.

As we welcome a new year, all kinds of questions are thrown around. Questions like, "What am I starting? What am I stopping? What do I need to add more of and what do I need to cut back on?"

In all of those questions we can experience both excitement and sometimes pressure; pressure that can lead to shame and guilt when our first few weeks of a new year don't quite go as planned. We begin to say things like, "I just need to try harder," or "it's never going to work, I should just give up."


Day 9: Human Trafficking

Today’s challenge is to connect with God by praying for those affected by the tragedy of human trafficking, and praying for an end to this modern day slavery!

You can join our friends at Tiny Hands and be part of the One Girl Prayer Project!


Day 8: Figuring It Out

Do you ever feel like it's your responsibility to have everything in life figured out? After all, if you don't keep all the plates spinning, who will? The problem is we soon realize it's hard enough to solve our own problems and issues, much less everyone else's.

Watch the video below as Kara explains how having everything figured out may not be our job after all.


Day 7: Be Courageous

It’s Day 7 of the 21 Day Challenge!

Even a few minutes reading the Bible can make such an impact. As we start a new week, let’s take the challenge to spend a few minutes reminding ourselves of some life-changing truth! Take a moment to connect with God through His WORD.

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