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A Life-Changing Moment

There are moments in our lives that change everything. Holding your child for the first time. Losing someone you love. Starting over in a new place. 

Brenda shared with us a moment that changed the course of her life twenty years ago.

"In 1996 I moved to NWA with no home, no car, no job, and no husband. I felt like I'd hit bottom. One day I 'accidentally' landed on KLRC and heard Cindy Morgan sing, 'Touched by the Master's Hand.' Hearing that song at just the right time prompted me to buy a Bible. On that day, my life started in a new direction because I heard the ministry of KLRC. I now understand it was God moving in my life, and I believe He was using your radio station to speak to me in a way that could get my attention."

Brenda's moment of life-change was no accident. God used listeners like you to speak a message of hope and love through KLRC when Brenda needed it most

Shortly after her own life-change moment, Brenda decided to Be the Change for someone else by becoming a part of the KLRC support family. Nearly 20 years later, she is still giving so that others can find hope in Jesus! 

Will you join her and Be the Change for someone else in 2017? We need your help to continue sharing hope in Jesus here in Northwest Arkansas and around the world. You can give online today!

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