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KLRC's Fall Fundraiser

As we prepared for our fundraiser last spring, we determined the listener portion of our budget for 2017 to be $1,160,000.

Thanks to your generous giving during the Spring Fundraiser, KLRC ended that event at $830,000 towards our overall annual goal! That leaves us with a funding need this fall of about $330,000.


Faithful in Prayer

"Hi, this is Tyler. I’m haying my parent’s field right now listening to KLRC and I have to tell you what just happened."

When I answered the phone that morning, I had no idea who would be on the line. It was 18 year-old Tyler. A new firefighter who loves his job. A son who helps his parents out on the farm. A young man who was just diagnosed with glaucoma.


Help Feed Hungry Kids!

For the KLRC Fall Fundraiser, we’re excited to invite you to Be the Change in our community through KLRC, and around the world too!

For each new $30/mo. (or more) gift given to the KLRC Fall Fundraiser, our friends at Tacos 4 Life will provide a month’s worth of meals through Feed My Starving Children in your honor.


The KLRC Prayer Team

This past summer, our KLRC staff studied a book on prayer, and the author made the statement that, "When Jesus hears unified prayer, his heart soars like a music lover taking in a symphony." As we get ready for the "Be the Change" Fall Fundraiser, we believe one of the most important things we can do is pray... together. Like a beautiful symphony!


Join the Family

Marsha lives in a nursing home in Oklahoma. We may never actually get to sit down at a table with her, but to me she is the perfect picture of what it means to be family with someone that you have never actually met!

I remember Marsha calling a while back. She had moved to a new nursing home and couldn't listen to KLRC any more. However, she got an iPhone for Christmas and had somebody download the KLRC app for her so she could listen to The Positive Difference.


Give The Gift of Hope

"You have no idea how much you have been used by God to help me."

As I read these hand-written words I received from a dear listener I’ll refer to as Mike, I knew he would want me to share them with you. While he may have been speaking about KLRC, he would say the same thing to you if given the opportunity because you have chosen to “Be the Change” in his life through your support of KLRC. 


Spring Fundraiser Update

What a week it’s been! On Friday morning we wrapped up the on-air portion of KLRC’s 2017 Spring Fundraiser. We are thankful and thrilled that over 2000 of you decided to “Be The Change” by sharing hope in Jesus through a gift of support to KLRC.


The Final Hours

It’s been an exciting week! After a week full of challenge matches, life-change stories, and sharing the vision God has given us for KLRC, we now find ourselves in the final hours of KLRC’s Spring Fundraiser.  Just minutes ago, we began our final morning at 87% of the way to reaching the goal.


Child-Like Faith

In the very first hours of the very first day of KLRC's Spring Fundraiser, a minivan pulled up outside the KLRC Studios. Keri, from the KLRC Morning Show, immediately said, "I bet that's Jenna!"

She was right, of course. Everyone here at KLRC knows Jenna. For the past several years, Jenna, who is now in 6th grade, has faithfully visited KLRC during each and every fundraiser to make a contribution from her own personal savings fund. This year, Jenna wanted to "Be The Change" with a gift of $32.


Partnering with The Call

Today, more than a dozen children will come into foster care in Arkansas because of abuse or neglect. They will join nearly 4,500 other children in state custody, and this year, more than 7,000 children will spend time in foster care. The greatest need of every child in foster care is a safe, loving family where they can heal and grow. There are currently 1,100 foster homes in Arkansas – too few to meet the needs of children who are taken into care.

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