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Child-Like Faith

In the very first hours of the very first day of KLRC's Spring Fundraiser, a minivan pulled up outside the KLRC Studios. Keri, from the KLRC Morning Show, immediately said, "I bet that's Jenna!"

She was right, of course. Everyone here at KLRC knows Jenna. For the past several years, Jenna, who is now in 6th grade, has faithfully visited KLRC during each and every fundraiser to make a contribution from her own personal savings fund. This year, Jenna wanted to "Be The Change" with a gift of $32.

Jenna's gift reminded us of the young boy who brought his lunch to Jesus. It was small, but in the hands of a big God, it was enough to feed 5000! Each year, we get to watch God perform a modern-day miracle as He uses Jenna's faithful giving to inspire others to give. Imagine what God could do with your gift if you simply choose to respond to the calling God has laid on your heart... just like Jenna does so faithfully!

The final full day of the Spring Fundraiser is happening now. Jenna has played her part. We're simply asking you to prayerfully consider what your role might be. You can give online right now, or by calling 866-807-8585.

Thank you for choosing to Be The Change!

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