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If I were a silent voice in your head to help you build healthier relationships, you might hear me say: "People are funny, and I don’t mean 'haha.'"

One of my dear friends, upon hearing this quote, said, "Susan, you’ve got to go on the road with that statement."  

So why do people relate so passionately to this quote? Because we’re people too, and people can say and do the strangest things.  We all have "challenging" people in our lives that need extra grace, or as Rick Warren calls them, "EGR’s (Extra Grace Required)." Years ago, before I was a therapist, I was an elementary school administrator and the school secretary used to say, "Susan, some people are just tuned different."

All these statements are true and bring us back to my original quote, "People are funny and I don’t mean 'haha.'"  It's just a quirky little way of saying, "Nobody’s perfect." But sometimes in relationships we sure do expect them to be, don’t we? But we’re not, not one of us! We all stand in desperate need of God’s abundant grace.

So next time someone "annoys" you, try listening to that silent voice inside your head saying, "Extra Grace Required."

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