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Give The Gift of Hope

"You have no idea how much you have been used by God to help me."

As I read these hand-written words I received from a dear listener I’ll refer to as Mike, I knew he would want me to share them with you. While he may have been speaking about KLRC, he would say the same thing to many of you who have chosen to “Be the Change” in his life through your support of KLRC. Because of your support, God gave Mike hope:

This has been a year of struggle for me both financially and spiritually. I battle with depression. Not many people know this because I am always happy and cheerful around others. But, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I wanted to just give up. Each time, you were there for me and didn’t even know it. KLRC continually reminds me of God’s love for me and that has given me hope to continue on.

Mike enclosed a gift with his kind letter and made one request:

Please continue sharing the music, the stories, and the reminders of the love and grace of our Father. There are many of us who struggle daily and without these things I don’t know if we could make it. Please tell everyone I said “thank you!”

On behalf of Mike, thank YOU for choosing to Be the Change in his life. Thank you for being there for Mike without even knowing it. Through your support, God inspired and encouraged him so much that he chose to Be the Change for others through his gift to KLRC!

On October 10th-12th, we’re going to celebrate even more stories of hope during our fall fundraiser. I’m excited to share that because of the support of many who responded earlier this year to our challenge to Be the Change, almost 72% of our annual operational need has already been met! Today, we’re asking God to provide, through you, the remaining $330,000 needed to complete KLRC’s funding through next March.

Would you consider taking a moment now, even before the on-air portion of our fall fundraiser begins, to make a special gift in honor of Mike and the many others who will turn to KLRC looking for hope in the months ahead? Your gift today will make a real difference.

This year, we’ve seen so many examples of what God can do when we come together to Be the Change. We believe He wants to do even more through you and KLRC in the months ahead! Will you renew your support today?

Because of Hope, 

Sean Sawatzky
KLRC General Manager

Give Online Now

PS. God is using your support to give people HOPE! Make your gift today and the hope you’ll share will continue to encourage Mike (along with many others). Plus, when you make your gift before October 9th, you’ll automatically be entered to win a VIP trip for two to see Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and a full orchestra in an unforgettable night of Christmas music in Tulsa on December 1st!

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