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Frederick August Bartoli went from France to Egypt in 1856. He was awestruck by the grandeur of the pyramids and the beauty of the stately Sphinx. His artistic mind was stimulated.

While on this trip he met another visitor to Egypt, Ferdinand de Lesseps. Ferdinand was there to sell an idea to cut a canal from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. August was taken by the concept. He decided to design a lighthouse to stand at the entrance to this canal. It would symbolize the light of the Western civilization flowing to the East. It took 10 years to build the Suez Canal and for 10 years August worked on his idea for the lighthouse. He drew plans, made clay models. He scrapped plan after plan. Then he had the right one. It was the perfect design.

Only one problem remained. Who would pay for it? He looked everywhere, but no one was interested. The Suez Canal was opened without a lighthouse. August went back to France defeated. Ten years of toil and effort wasted.

You would have liked his idea. It was a colossal robed lady that stood taller than the Sphynx in the desert. She held the books of justice in one hand and a torch lifted high in the other to light the entrance to the canal.

After August returned to France, the French government sought his artistic services. His planning and designing culminated in the Statue of Liberty lighting the New York Harbor. His personal disappointment has now become a source of awe to all Americans and people of the world who love freedom.

Here’s a thought for you. Just because you have failed, it doesn’t make you a failure. God has a way of working all things together for good. This must be why patience is listed as a fruit of the Spirit in our lives. Don’t despair in apparent failure, and don’t let discouragement cause you to give up.

Never, Never, Never give up. God will help you through... if you just let Him.

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