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Many of you spent the month of May praying for a Foster Child or a sibling group in the Arkansas foster care system. This month we had a chance to talk with someone else who is investing in the lives of these same children. Ken Ferguson is the founder and president of New Beginning Children's Homes, a long term residential care facility for foster children in Northwest Arkansas. Ken explains that while the organization is structured like an orphanage, the environment is family and faith oriented. 

What Ken desires more than anything, is to be a part of rewriting the future for these children. "As we partner together, it's really being able to rewrite their future from one that may be one of struggle and turmoil. To be able to come into a Christ centered environment where they can feel love, they can grow, they can be helped through this time in their life, and hopefully be able to see the love of Christ every day."

Ken and his family's own journey with adoption was the foundation for this vision. "We adopted 4 children through the Arkansas foster system. After that journey we began to see the needs in the foster care system, with the many children and sibling groups that were separated during the times they needed to be in care. We really wanted to make a difference in their lives, not only for now but for eternity."

The ministry is currently in the process of constructing houses, with a goal to build 6 houses that will house a total of 54 children. They have already completed one house, and will be breaking ground for the next in the first week of June. One of the efforts to help raise funds for this project is the upcoming Third Day concert at Horton Farms on June 13.

Learn more about the ministry of New Beginning Children's Homes and help them make a Positive Difference!

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