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I was about to enter a church in Vienna. A crowd stood at the door, cameras angled for shots of the stunning 16th century Gothic building.

Right next to the door, a man sat cross legged. His clothes were ragged. He held his palms up hoping for a coin.

No one saw him.

My heart was heavy with the irony. Here in the shadows of a church, a hungry man went unnoticed.

Is it possible that we can find ourselves in that same place? Are we so focused on our own faith, or our own lives, that we overlook those just outside the door?

Throughout scripture, we find Jesus loving people that others overlooked. I was one of those people, were you?

A beautiful building is just that. We are the church.  

Today, ask God to show you someone just outside the door. Notice that person, and invite them in to God’s love.

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