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Peace Through KLRC

After a diagnosis of anxiety and agoraphobia, Patsy decided to start playing KLRC on the radio in her bedroom 24/7. As KLRC played in the background of her day, Patsy started to see a change. She said that listening to the music really made a difference in her life.

About a month ago all of the anxiety came back. Patsy was so frustrated because she had made so much progress and was doing so good and now was dealing with the anxiety again. Patsy called me recently to tell us about the realization that Patsy and her husband had. He noticed that one thing that had changed was that somehow the radio had gotten turned off in her bedroom. That morning she turned the radio back on and by the next morning she felt God’s peace again.

Patsy called KLRC a few days ago to share that story with us, and I’m so glad that she did. God promises us a peace that passes all understanding, but sometimes that peace is hard to hold on to. For Patsy, the songs she hears on KLRC is a reminder that God is with her, and that His peace is available to her.

You make that possible for Patsy when you go “All In” as part of Team KLRC. Thank you for being there for Patsy!

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