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Sharathon Day 1 Update

Day 1 of Sharathon 2014 is over and we're off to a great start! We're currently 43% of the way towards our overall goal of $900,000, finishing at $391,107 at the end of our first day of fundraising. Thank you so much to everyone who called or went on-line today to pledge your support!

One of the things I love the most about Sharathon is hearing stories from listeners of how the ministry of KLRC has impacted them, and why they decided to join the support team. This morning I had the opportunity to talk to Krystal who called to sponsor a day in honor of her daughter, Adalyn. Listen to what she had to say about why she gives to KLRC:

We decided to be a Day Sponsor for the day that my daughter was buried. She was with us for 210 days and was buried on her 7 month birthday. When she was born we had no idea that she was going to be ill. We had a long battle with going in and out of the hospital and heart surgery. We had an outpouring of support, but during that time I would question "why my child? Why am I going through this?"

I was home with her during the day because she couldn't be alone, she was considered terminally ill. I had to quit my job, and during that time pretty much any struggle you can think would come up in your life did. Nearly losing our house, unemployed, car problems... it was just crazy things.

I had always attended church, but I questioned who God was in my faith. Adalyn's diagnosis made me start praying because there was nothing in my hands as a mother that I could do. During the day when I was home with her I didn't really want to watch T.V. but I would turn on the radio, we would turn on KLRC because it was uplifting. The ministry through her life in my heart and through music's uplifting message really ministered to me and brought me peace and joy. It really made God real to me.

If I could do something to honor my daughter on that day... maybe someone will tune in that day and hear our story, maybe someone will turn in that day who needs to be uplifted and KLRC makes a difference in their lives the way it did for me... then it's worth it.

I'm so thankful that God used the songs and ministry of KLRC to help Krystal in her grief. Today, will you help share hope with other "Krystals" who are facing their own hard seasons? Your gift really does make a difference!

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