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Spring Fundraiser Update

What a week it’s been! On Friday morning we wrapped up the on-air portion of KLRC’s 2017 Spring Fundraiser. We are thankful and thrilled that over 2000 of you decided to “Be The Change” by sharing hope in Jesus through a gift of support to KLRC.

Our team is now hard at work processing each and every one of those 2000 gifts. If you made a pledge during the fundraiser, be looking out for a confirmation in your mailbox next week.

So where do things stand? We’re now at 95% of our Spring Fundraiser goal! If you weren’t able to make a donation during the on-air fundraiser, there’s still plenty of time for you to make your gift and be a critical part of helping us finish off that last 5%.

We’re humbled by your generosity and thankful to God for the multitude of life-changing stories we heard this week – all made possible because of your support! If you missed anything, make sure to take a listen to our 2017 Spring Fundraiser recap.

On behalf of the entire staff here at KLRC, thanks again for the Positive Difference you’ve made for everyone who tunes in looking for hope when they need it most.

General Manager

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