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The Final Hours

It’s been an exciting week!  After a week full of challenge matches, life-change stories, and sharing the vision God has given us for KLRC, we now find ourselves in the final hours of KLRC’s Spring Fundraiser.  Just minutes ago, we began our final morning at 87% of the way to reaching the goal.

If you’ve already renewed your support of KLRC – thank you!  Will you join us in praying that God provides in a miraculous way in these final hours of the Spring Fundraiser?  

If you’ve never given a gift to KLRC, or maybe it’s been a number of years will you join us this morning? 

We’ve been so encouraged by the life-change stories this week, but each story is also a reminder that many people still need to experience the love and hope found only in God’s love and grace in their lives.  Many simply need to be reminded that God has not forgotten them.

You can help make this possible through your best gift this morning to KLRC. We need to hear from at least 60 people each hour through 9am to cross the finish line and keep this ministry strong. Your online gift at or your call today to 866-807-8585 can help us get there! THANK YOU for choosing to Be the Change to help share hope in Jesus with as many people as possible through KLRC!

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