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This past summer, our KLRC staff studied a book on prayer, and the author made the statement that, "When Jesus hears unified prayer, his heart soars like a music lover taking in a symphony." As we get ready for the "Be the Change" Fall Fundraiser, we believe one of the most important things we can do is pray... together. Like a beautiful symphony!

At KLRC, we've been facing some challenges over the past few weeks. We've had strange technical issues, sickness among many of our staff, and other things that tend to pop up when you enter into a faith-stretching adventure like the Fall Fundraiser. 

So this week, we're asking if you would consider joining the "Be the Change" Prayer Team. We'll send you occasional prayer updates via e-mail so we can all be praying together!

We also consider it an honor whenever we can pray for you! So, on Monday, October 9th, we've invited pastors from our community to come join us for a special morning of prayer. They'll be here at KLRC on the phone, ready to pray with you about anything you or your family is facing! And don't forget, you can always share a prayer request with the KLRC listening family at the KLRC.com Prayer Center.

Thanks for joining with KLRC in prayer!

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