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Volunteer for Sharathon 2014!

Sharathon 2014 is coming up March 18th-21st, and we need your help to make it happen!  

It takes a lot of people to pull Sharathon together.  Imagine -- several thousand phone calls over a few days on 10 phone lines.  Plus, a prayer room with at least one person scheduled to pray during every hour of the event! That's why KLRC relies on our amazing volunteers to make Sharathon a success!

If you have a few hours open on March 18th-21st, we would love to have you join the celebration of Sharathon by helping out behind the scenes.  Breakfast and lunch are on us, and we'll have some other goodies for you too!

Click the appropriate button below to sign up to be a phone or prayer volunteer.  Thanks in advance, and we'll see you during Sharathon!

Be a Phone Volunteer     Be a Prayer Volunteer

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