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What is Sharathon?

What is Sharathon? Why, every March, do we take three or four days to ask our listeners for financial support?  

Well, KLRC is a listener-funded ministry. The generous financial support of people like you who love and appreciate the ministry of KLRC is what keeps us going, literally. But that's the easy answer. Yes, we need your support to keep KLRC running, but why is that worth giving to?

If you ever visit the KLRC studios in downtown Siloam Springs, you’ll see a plaque on the wall when you first enter the building titled “What Matters to Us.” It contains the list of our core values – the values and standards that we’re most passionate about. These values include sharing hope in Jesus, encouraging and caring for our community, creating extraordinary experiences, and serving through humility, gratitude, and stewardship. With Sharathon upon us, I’d like to focus on that last value — stewardship — for a moment.

One of the best ways I can speak to this is to share with you what your support accomplished in the last year:

  • Because of your partnership, almost 30,000 new weekly listeners made KLRC their choice for uplifting and positive music in the last six months of 2013 alone!
  • With your help, we’re now sharing hope in Jesus with 86,000 people each week—that’s more than ever in KLRC history!*

It’s about so much more than just more listeners. It’s also about more lives changed...

  • Timothy turned from a life of drugs to a life devoted to Christ.
  • Susan was reminded of God’s faithfulness, mercy, and grace after suffering the loss of both of her parents and her marriage.
  • Tim finds hope and encouragement in a high stress emergency room environment and is better able to be an encouragement to those in crisis.
  • After intentionally putting distance between herself and God, God used KLRC’s impact on Tiffany’s 11 and 8 year old daughters to bring her back to Him.

You made a difference in even more lives through “KLRC Cares” projects when you partnered to provide...

  • $3000 in gift cards for families in Moore, OK devastated by tornadoes.
  • 1,000 pair of socks and underwear for a very special orphanage in Ghana.
  • School supplies to fill 3,000 backpacks with the Samaritan Community Center.
  • More than 2,300 personal care items to help foster families through the CALL.
  • Christmas wishes for three amazing Northwest Arkansas families in need.
  • “Christmas Critters” to help break the cycle of poverty and share the love of Jesus with poor families in need through the work of Gospel for Asia.

I’ve already amassed quite the list, and I haven’t even been able to mention the numerous concerts, events, and ministry partnerships that have resulted in even more changed lives.

Your support matters. It changes lives. It brings hope and encouragement. It impacts our friends and neighbors locally, regionally, and around the globe. We believe God has even greater things He wants to accomplish through your support in the year ahead.

As a listener-supported ministry, your help is vital. Will you make your gift today? Please give online or call 866-807-8585. When you give, you can rest assured that we consider it a privilege to continue serving you through humility, gratitude and wise stewardship — because those are among the values that matter most to us.

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