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If we could have coffee today, I’d say, “You’re free!”

We often picture God’s will for our lives like a thin, definitive line. A tightrope we must walk carefully and with the utmost caution. One wrong step and we’ll surely fall. And when we do, we’ll mess up our future forever.

But when we come to know Jesus, our life is not a tightrope but a wide, open space of grace. We have so much room to breathe, to grow, to learn. God knows we are human. He knows we will take detours, face obstacles, and make mistakes. If he were committed only to using those of us who never stray then no human would ever be part of his plan.

The fear of not getting it just right can paralyze us. We stand with our toes on that imaginary tightrope, perfectly still, and we miss out on so much of what could be. We miss the invitation from the One calling us to his side.

You are made to move in grace—not be held in place by fear. You are guided by love and a God who can redirect you as many times as needed. You only need to be willing to follow where he wants you to go. He will do the rest. Life is meant to be a glorious adventure, not a continual test in which one slip-up means you fail.

It’s okay to move forward, my friend. It’s okay to try something and see how it goes. If it works and God affirms it, do more of it. If it doesn’t, simply try something else.

You’re not made to walk a tightrope.

You’re made to dance.

And it’s not about getting the steps right.

Instead it’s all about being close to your partner—the God who loves you.

Adapted from the writing of Holley Gerth.

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