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Dear You,

If I asked you how you are today, you might (like so many of us) answer, "Fine." But underneath that answer could be questions, struggles, insecurities. How do I know? Because I'm human too. And every day we need to hear one thing: You're going to be okay.

You're going to be okay even if it feels like your world is falling apart right now.

You're going to be okay even if it seems your confidence is lacking.

You're going to be okay even if you don't know what tomorrow holds.

Does that mean you need to be okay right now? No, ma'am. You have permission to be messy and in progress. It simply means you can have hope. You can know your future is secure. You can trust there is a greater purpose and plan at work in it all.

We all have stress, bad days, and hard times. We all know what it's like to have life disappoint us. We're all on this wild and crazy ride together. So as the rollercoaster of your life zooms, I want to place my hand on top of yours — the hand that's desperately clinging to the safety bar in front of you— and holler into the wind whipping past our faces, "You're going to be okay!"

You're going to survive this ride. One way or another. It will not last forever. It will not destroy, derail, or defeat you. Someday you may even be able to look back at it and see it differently than you do today.

Jesus said, "In this world you will have trouble." And we do. But then he added this: "But take heart! I have overcome the world."

In other words, "Take heart! You're going to be okay."

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually.

And even better yet, eternally.

Adapted from the writing of Holley Gerth.

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