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If we could have coffee today, I’d say, "You’re part of a plan!"

When you look at the future, you wonder what’s ahead. How will everything work out? Where are you going? What will tomorrow bring?

You can rest assured that there is One who already knows the answer to all of those questions. He’s the God who created time and he’s not limited by it. He knows everything in a way that's beyond our understanding. He's promised that although you may not know the future you can intimately know the One who holds every day of your life in his hands.

God's plans for you are good. That doesn't mean things will turn out the way you want. It doesn't mean what's ahead will be easy or comfortable. It doesn’t mean there won’t be tears or trials. But it does mean you will make it through whatever you may face and even dare to thrive.

The story of humanity begins in Eden. Then goes to the Promised Land. And finally ends with heaven and a new earth. It's clear that while we will pass through hard times and difficulties that God's desire is for us to dwell in places of peace and joy. He's committed to getting you to the place he has for you. The desires of his heart for you are always full of love and faithfulness.

Worry is our way of trying to control the future. We think if we can just hold on tight enough with our thoughts then nothing "bad" can happen to us. But worry only makes us weary. The future is too much for us to grasp. And fear exhausts us.

Can you open your hands, your heart, your calendar to One who promises he knows all of your days even before they begin? He will meet you every morning with mercies that are new and watch over you each night as you sleep. There will never be a moment when you're not in His care.

And wherever you are going, He's already there.

Adapted from the writing of Holley Gerth.

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