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If we could have coffee today I'd say, "You've already won!"

You've been fighting a hard battle. Behind closed doors, within the quietness of your heart, in the hours when it seems the rest of the world is sleeping. You are a warrior, my friend. A person of courage. Yes, you. The one who sometimes feels weak. The one who wonders if they will ever prevail. The one whose hand trembles on the sword sometimes.

You are already victorious. More than a conqueror. It may not feel that way in the heat of the battle but you can be sure of this: the war is already won. You can't lose. You will not falter.

You have been promised that nothing can defeat you. Nothing. Not even this. So stand tall, warrior, because you are mightier than you know. Your prayers, your unyielding faith, your words of truth have the power to make the enemy tremble. Not because of who you are but because of whose side you fight on.

And the One you fight for will always fight for you. He has done so since the beginning of time and He will do so until every last obstacle and opposition has been destroyed. He is fierce on your behalf and infinitely tender with your heart.

Sometimes you will be wounded, yes. But don’t let that trick you into believing you have been knocked down forever. That can never happen. And those wounds will be healed by the One whose scars have guaranteed victory for you.

Stand strong, friend. Keep fighting. Refuse to let fear win. Never yield an inch to the enemy. You stand on holy ground and no one can take what's yours.

Not now. Not ever.

You've already won forever!

Adapted from the writing of Holley Gerth.

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