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Christmas Wish #3

Our 3rd Christmas Wish family is Taylor and Josh. They are a young couple with 4 kids who were nominated by Kristin. Here’s what Kristin told us about this family.

I am a police officer in Fayetteville, AR. On the morning of December 15, 2015 I learned of a Stillwell, OK police officer that had been struck by a fleeing suspect vehicle traveling at 70+ mph. The officer was in critical condition and brought to Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville. His name was Officer Josh Sidebottom and I honestly did not believe he would survive the accident. I met his wife, Taylor, that day and provided her with my name and personal number and told her to contact me for anything. We have remained in contact since.

Through prayer and God's miraculous power, Officer Sidebottom survived but remained in Fayetteville for months while recovering. Due to the accident, Officer Sidebottom’s leg was amputated. But that did not stop him from returning to work in law enforcement. On 12/15/16 Officer Sidebottom went to work for the Adair County Sheriff’s Office. However, due to chronic pain Officer Sidebottom was unable to continue working and his last day was 7/18/17. Josh has filed for disability that has not yet processed and Taylor is currently working. However, money is tight this Christmas.

If you’d like to be a part of making Kristin’s Christmas Wish come true for Taylor and Josh simply fill out the form below before Tuesday, December 19th.

Here are some needs we know of:

Josh-Dad, 32x34 pants, large shirts, size 10 shoe, large coat. He likes the color blue. His hobby is PC gaming.

Taylor-Mom, 14 pants, xlarge shirt, size 8 shoe, xlarge coat. She likes neutral colors. Her hobby is reading books. She enjoys relaxing in a warm bath (if she could get time to do so). She also likes baking.

Kane – 8 year old boy, 8 pants, 8 shirt, size 3 shoes, 8 coat, 8 underwear. His favorite color is blue. He likes Xbox 360 video games, reading chapter books and basketball. His favorite movie is The Flash.

Lane – 7 year old boy, 7 pants, 7 shirt, size 2 shoe, 7 coat, 7 underwear. His favorite color is green. He likes Xbox 360 games, watching TV and baseball. His favorite movie is Captain America.

Blane - 5 year old boy, 6 pants, 6 shirt, size 12 shoe, 6 coat, 6 underwear. His favorite color is red. He likes trucks, dinosaurs and army guys. His favorite movie is Trolls. Needs a new high back booster seat.

Izzy - 3 year old girl, 3 pants, 3 shirt, size 8 shoe, 3 coat, 3 underwear. Her favorite color is pink. She likes baby dolls, Frozen, Trolls and Moana.  Her favorite movie is Trolls. Needs a new carseat.

All the children like coloring and crafts. The whole family likes books of all kinds. The family could use new winter coats, stocking hats and gloves. They love spending time together outside as a family. They would like to have a trip to the zoo soon. The children need new undergarments and tennis shoes.

Feeding a family of 6 can be tough. Toiletries items; shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper are all items they could definitely use. Grocery cards would be very helpful.

They have one vehicle, a 2012 Chevy Traverse that is in need of new tires, an alignment and brakes. Gas cards would be very helpful.

They live in an older home that needs interior doors and energy efficient windows that lock. The central air doesn’t work and they cool with a single window unit. They heat with wood. So perhaps a rick of wood would help them this winter.

They need a new washer and dryer to help keep up with all that laundry.

They also need a new twin mattress for a top bunk. 

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