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Christmas Wish #2

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Our second wish family was nominated by Martha. Here's what she told us about Alex and his family:

We met Alex 7 years ago when he started working with my husband and they became great friends and we met his family and started to get to know them and we became almost like family.

Alexander is married with four children, ages 18, 16, 4 and 9 months. The family had to spend their savings to help renew his wife’s visa. Alexander had to take time off of work to help his wife with the legal process, which caused him to lose his job. After he lost his job, they were not able to keep their apartment and moved all of their belongings to storage while they looked for a place to live. Their legal struggles were not successful and his wife had to move back to El Salvador, taking the 18 year old and 9 month with her. The 16 year old and 4 year old remain here with Alexander. The family is devastated to be apart from each other.

Alexander and the two children found temporary home in a garage of a friend. However, he was not able to pay for the storage unit. All of his family’s belongings were auctioned off. He lost everything including pictures of his wife and family. Every memory he had was taken away. The community has heard his story and has provided amazing support. Through generous donations, he has received the basics to restart his life, food for his kids, a bike to ride to work and warm clothes. He has finally gotten an apartment, but it's empty with only a recliner and a mattress.

He has lost everything except the strength to keep trying and his faith in God. This is what amazes me and pushes me to help him as much as I can because he's doing everything in his power to help himself and his family. I would love for him to be nominated so he and his kids can have the best Christmas ever.


If you'd like to be a part of granting Martha's Christmas Wish for Alex here are some things that they are in need of. We will be calling Alex on Wednesday, December 13th to surprise him! 

Alexander junior is 4 and he wears size 4t in clothes, size 5 in diapers and size 8 in shoes. He needs a pillow, pajamas, socks, and warm clothes. Due to allergies, he can only use Pampers brand diapers. He loves dinosaurs, PJ Masks and Paw Patrol. He is into action figures like Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. He asked for a little power wheels or soccer gear for Christmas. Alexander Junior loves bright colors the most.  The family does not have a car, so must walk everywhere they go.  A stroller would help transport Alexander Jr.

Sofia is 16 and wears medium in juniors, 14 in pants. She needs underwear, pajamas, and a hair brush. Sofia wants to learn how to cook to help her dad and has asked a cookbook and baking supplies like mixer, pans, etc. She loves to read and likes Christian books the most. Like any 16 year old girl, she loves to be pampered with make-up and get her nails done. It would be a dream come true for her to be pampered with a makeover and manicure. Sofia also has asked for a hair straightener. Her favorite colors are pink and black. 

Alexander needs jeans size 38W32L, shirts XL, pants XL, size 9 1/2 tennis shoes, underwear and socks. He would love some dress shirts, pants and shoes for church. He doesn’t ask for anything, however, for Christmas the one thing I think he needs the most is transportation to and from work; like a scooter or car. He spends so much time riding his bike to and from work and would love to spend more time with his kids. The weather can be dreadful this time of year, making the ride even rougher.

The family just moved into a new apartment but it is basically empty. They need the basics like couches, a kitchen table, a washer and dryer and a refrigerator. The refrigerator they have is not keeping cold and is leaking water. They also need silverware, dishes, a bed for Alexander Jr., and a bed for Alexander. Currently Sofia and Alexander Jr. are sharing a mattress and Alexander is sleeping in a recliner.  Alexander Jr is highly allergic to dust and many other things.  A vacuum and cleaning supplies will help to keep Alexander Jr healthy.

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