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Who is God?Who is God?

Why am I here? Why is life so hard? You know there's something missing, something wrong in your world. It's a relationship you don't have that you're supposed to have.

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Words that Make a Positive DifferenceWords that Make a Positive Difference

KLRC has partnered with some encouraging voices in our community, and they want to share their messages of hope with you!

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Whether it's a struggle with marriage, parenting, or any other relationship, there is hope in a God who specializes in restoring broken relationships!

Relationship Resources


Whether you're looking for help in a crisis, wanting to start fresh with better habits, or have someone help you develop better money skills, our friends are here to help.

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We all struggle with giving our hearts to things that can’t fully satisfy, and will instead surely entrap us. Here are friends who want to help!

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If you are struggling and looking for some added hope and inspiration for your day, these are some of our favorite place to go!

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