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Faith in Action

Locations: 1101 N Woolsey Ave., Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-463-7862
Website: http://www.wregional.com/faithinaction

Mission: Faith in Action is a volunteer-based organization providing homebound seniors with free non-medical services to help promote their independence, dignity and quality of life.

About: Faith in Action (FIA), a national organization now operating under the name National Volunteer Caregiving Network, began at Washington Regional in 1996 through a grant funded by the Robert Wood Johnson "Faith in Action" grant. FIA works with homebound seniors to ensure that their non-medical needs are met. Volunteers provide: transportation, friendly visits, grocery shopping, minor home repairs, and other services free of charge to those who are often without the means to accomplish these seemingly simple tasks.

Services: Services are provided through a network of trained volunteers throughout Washington and Benton counties. The most common services through FIA include:

FRIENDLY VISITS - providing a senior with a visiting friend once or twice a week
SHOPPING - helping to keep food and other essentials in the home
TELEPHONE REASSURANCE - calling to visit and check on those who are homebound
TRANSPORTATION - making it possible to keep appointments and run essential errands
LIGHT CHORE ASSISTANCE - helping to keep the home safe and livable for those who do not qualify for other programs
YARD WORK - helping to keep the lawn mowed or leaves raked when the client is unable to do so.

Volunteer opportunities: To get involved, please contact one of our FIA Volunteer Coordinators:

Benton County - Sandra Allen 479-479-273-3570
Washington County - Linda Ericksen 479-463-7862

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