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Experience Works

Phone: 1-888-926-1739
Website: http:// www.experienceworks.org

Mission:  Improve the lives of older people through training, community service, and employment.

About:  Experience Works helps low-income seniors, with multiple barriers to employment, get the training they need to find good jobs in their local communities.  They believe that older people should have an opportunity to learn new skills and contribute to their community throughout their lives.  Employers who hire, train and retain older workers will be most successful.  People who are productive and active throughout their lives will have better health, increased longevity, and a more positive impact on their community.

Services:  The services provided by Experience Works include but are not limited to:

 - Assisting employers to take full advantage of the talents of older workers.
 - Helping older people who are low income or at risk of becoming low income.
 - Using community service as a path to employment.
 - Building strong relationships in local communities.
 - Addressing the challenges facing older people in rural America.

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