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The Farm

Locations: 5298-5526 W Wedington Dr, Fayetteville
Website: http://thefarm.cobblestoneproject.org

About:  The Farm is an initiative of the Cobblestone Project and is designed to use agriculture to help the under-resourced in our community be focusing on six strategic pillars to include: hunger relief, education, economic development, community, food production and sustainability. 
The dream of the Cobblestone Project is to work towards “A Community Without Need.” The strategy to take these ideas and turn them into action will be approached by 1) Identifying Issues of Social Justice, 2.) Connecting Needs with Willing resources and 3) Fulfilling Needs with Sustainable Solutions. The dream or vision of the Cobblestone Project is likely considered unachievable. However, when the concepts of community are redefined to expose and frame the true needs of our neighbors, change is the only natural response. 
During the 2010 season, a Gift Card Program was created to provide free food for students on free or reduced school lunch programs. The Farm initiative is made possible by the incredible people of NW Arkansas.  We are especially grateful to the people of New Heights Church who have donated the use of their land to support the under-resourced in our community.

The Farm initiative began as a result of the 1,287 Stand Up and Be Counted Homelessness initiative when Mark Horvath (founder of InvisiblePeople.tv) visited NW Arkansas.  This created an opportunity for the Cobblestone Project to collaborate with World Garden on their feeding initiative now known as The Café, expand the Gathering & Distribution initiative and form a new initiative known as The Farm.

Programs:  In order to meet the need of the under-resourced in our community by using agriculture, The Farm offers various programs.

Hunger Relief – The Farm, Harvest Share Subscription Program, Gathering & Distribution, and Gift Card Program.  The goal is to grow food to supplement community hunger relief efforts.

Community – First Planting Celebration, Farm to Table Celebration and Fall Harvest Party.  The goal is to engage people in a new rhythm of living that forms community and civic engagement.

Educational – Fayetteville Public Schools Asbell Elementary School In-Service Farm Program, and University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture Poultry Research.  The goal is to be an educational resource center for agricultural development & health/wellness.

Economic Development – WorkShare and Harvest Share Subscription Program.  The goal is to provide self-funding models for economic development (jobs, etc.).

Sustainability – Solar Powered Poultry Project.  The goal is to implement, develop and teach environmentally sustainable agriculture practices.
Food Production – The Farm and Harvest Share Subscription Program.  The goal is to create sustainable community supported agricultural systems.

Volunteer Opportunities:  There are many ways to serve the community through the Cobblestone Project Farm initiative, and we encourage everyone to serve at least in each area to fully understand how the entire model works.  Some ways to get involved are through The Farm, Farmer’s Market, Gathering & Distribution, The Café, Friday Night Harvest Parties and for groups we can coordinate times during the week to serve.  Please e-mail us for more information!

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