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HomeAid NWA

Locations: PO Box 86, Cave Springs
Website: http:// shelter@homeaidnwa.com

Mission:  To provide dignified housing for the homeless.

About:  Homelessness in America is on the rise.  The down and out bowery images from the 30’s and 40’s is only a stereotype greatly and inaccurately painting the picture of today’s homeless.  Today the homeless are single women with children.  Entire families displaced because of unemployment, natural disasters and the failures of a society that supposedly protects.  Demographically it goes across the board:  the elderly, the middle aged and the young.  And a new class of homeless are on the rise: veterans of Iran and the Afghanistan war fronts.  Those who risked their lives protecting our freedoms are now returning home to – no home.

HomeAid NWA is a 501 (C) Non Profit Corporation Chartered by HomeAid America (homeaid.org).  We are one of 28 nationwide chapters devoted to issues of the homeless. Our first project was the construction of a 1,300 sq. ft. building for the Children’s Advocacy Center in Little Flock, AR. We measure our success by the number of beds we can provide for the homeless in a dignified, homestyle setting.  Gone are the days of cots in cold basements.  HomeAid works to restore a person’s and family’s life productively and with pride.

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