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TenderCare Preschool

Locations: First Baptist Church 2000 Dawn Hill, Siloam Springs, AR
Phone: 479-238-1464
Website: http://www.fbcsiloam.com/

Mission:  Providing a developmentally appropriate, Christ-based school, for early childhood learning.

About:  TenderCare was established in 1991 with activities that are based on a curriculum designed to promote individual growth in all areas such as social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual. TenderCare is a ministry partner of First Baptist Church of Siloam Springs.

Programs: TenderCare is licensed by the Arkansas Department of Human Services Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education. TenderCare Preschool welcomes all races and religious affiliations. Preschool classes are offered for ages 2 1/2 to 5 years of age.

Admissions - Classes are filled on a first-come/first-served basis. When registration and supply fees are paid, the child’s place in class will be confirmed.

Tuition - Tuition is configured as annual fee. If the parents are unable to pay tuition due to economic conditions, they may apply for consideration for the scholarship fund.

Volunteer Opportunities:  The need for TenderCare Preschool volunteers are ongoing. To find out how you can help or volunteer, contact Joan Hubbard at tendercare@fbcsiloam.com.

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