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Locations: 610 A East Emma, Springdale
Phone: 479-717-2460
Website: http://www.ymcanwa.org

Mission:  To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

About:  Through programs and services, the YMCA seeks to provide youth a healthy, values-rich environment in which to live, grow and play.  The YMCA is committed to providing a positive, supportive, healthy environment for people seeking to live a healthier life and working to improve community wellness through programs as well as policy and environmental changes.  Volunteers are the core of the YMCA.  Each branch is governed by a group of community volunteers as well as supported by hundreds of volunteers that offer needed community programs and services.  In addition to volunteer opportunities, the YMCA also offers programming in needed gap areas in the communities they serve.

Programs:  The YMCA has such a huge variety of programs for families of all ages!  Check their website for a complete description of each program!

Volunteer Opportunities:  Volunteers are the heart of the YMCA.  It is only because of community volunteers that the YMCA is able to offer the wide variety of programs and services to the Northwest Arkansas Community.
The YMCA is governed by a volunteer Board of Managers.  Volunteers also serve on Program, Fundraising and Membership & marketing Committees.
Program volunteers coach, teach classes, help with afterschool programs and many other things.
To become a YMCA volunteer, contact Jessica at (479) 273-9622.

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