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Prayers Needed for a Job

I just lost my job. I needs prayer to find another one as soon as possible.


Brother Needs Prayers

My brother, Dustin, is in critical care at Washington Regional Hospital in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He had a stroke and a blood clot in his brain and infection in his brain and heart.  He goes for open heart surgery on Monday please pray he makes it through the surgery.   My brother is only 29 and has four children.  Even though he's my big brother and I'm the youngest out of 7 kids I want to protect him and help him all I can!! Growing up with all brothers made me tough and that's why I'm the woman I am now!!!  Thank you so much, I hope you have a blessed day!  


Prayer for Adult Children

My daughter lives with me and my son lives in Springfield, MO.   He called me today and feels he is emotionally unstable. He said he has abandonment issues and doesn't feel like he can make friends. Neither are married and he said his sister is in about the same place. I knew that they both struggle with depression. Their biological father tried to commit suicide when they were kids and was in a Christian facility.  Their father gave up custody of them and my husband adopted them.   My husband loves them very much, but they do not have a good relationship with him.   They feel like he is their father in name only, they still call him by his first name after all these years. I need the curse of depression, poverty, and hopelessness broken over them. They are amazing! We all have regrets as parents, but we are different people now and can't change the past. My daughter doesn't attend church,my son attends In Springfield.  Please pray for them for restoration!


Prayer for Addiction Healing

I would like for you to pray for my son while he is fighting addiction and trying to better himself and get his family and life back. Please pray he will be strong and turn to God for His Guidance.


Children Need Prayers

Please pray three little children all under 6 yrs (different families) in our town.  Two boys & one girl, two have leukemia, one has cancer. They all need prayers for healing.