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Prayer Center


Physical and Financial Needs

I have been trying to get disability since I got cancer in 2011. Today, I'm in a wheelchair and struggle to survive. Please pray that some financial and physical needs will be met, so I will not be home bound.   


New Relationship

I have recently been in contact with a man I had been in love with many years ago. We were young and being in love scared us and so things didn't work out like we had hoped. Now we have gotten back in touch with each other, the problem is that he lives across the country. I pray God will let this relationship happen somehow. I don't understand why God would have brought him back into my life if he wasn't giving us a second chance to be together.


Prayers for Grandma

My grandma is feeling ill and I hope she feels better.


Prayers for our Family

Our uncle went to be with the Lord on Monday morning. Our family is hurting but we know he is not in pain any longer and walking with Jesus.  


Salvation and Healing

Dear Almighty God in Christ Jesus, In addition to their other medical problems - YOU know who has stage 4 breast cancer.  They are spiritually lost.  I humbly, hopefully, and sincerely, pray that YOU shall be pleased to SAVE their poor soul and miraculously heal their frail body, and ease their troubled mind, as only YOU CAN - for YOUR OWN Glory, Honor, Praise, and Good Pleasure. Respectfully, In Jesus Christ Holy Name. Amen.

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