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Spiritual and Physical Healing

Today, an unsaved individual, informed me that they have cancer.  Jesus Christ never said, Oops! Jesus Christ, The Great Physician, is their only answer.  In every circumstance, nothing happens by chance.  Our Sovereign God, controls the brevity and the longevity of us all, great and small.  By Almighty God's grace, goodness, and mercy, please pray for their spiritual rebirth and their physical well being.  Thank you, in Christ Jesus.  Amen.


Addiction Healing

Please pray for my son who is fighting addiction for several years. He is struggling to get his life back to normal. Please pray for him, his wife, kids and our family.


Complete Healing

I was diagnosed in Nov 2016 with Hodgkin Lymphoma. I have taken several chemo treatments and finished chemo in August. I will have a stem cell transplant in October. Please pray everything goes smooth and the chemo/medications do exactly what they're supposed to do. Please pray for a quick recovery. I'm a 32 year old mom of three. Please pray for strength for our family as this will be a lengthy hospital stay. Complete healing!! Thank you!


Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

I just got a call from my doctor, I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I'm not worried about it, but appreciate prayers.  



Please pray for me. I had to run away from my 40yr marriage. My husband was abusing me. He was running around. I could not take it anymore. He was cruel to me. I know I did the best thing by getting away from him, but I grieve just like a death. My heart is broken. I feel like I am a failure. Please pray for me. I need peace.



Three years ago, my father-in-law passed away from complications of cancer. Nine months later, my mother-in-law committed suicide in a hotel room by herself. I found months of therapy and prayers have helped his family heal in a way only God can provide. Lately, my brother-in-law recently battled thoughts about suicide.  Thankfully, he overcame with God and medical help. Now my sister-in-law is extremely ill and wanting a divorce from her husband and cheating on him.  We are going in debt.   I need prayers for strength, patience, and for my brother-in-law and sister to do God's will.  Pray our house will sell.  I know there are a lot of people on here reading and praying and I know that if just one person will pray God will listen!


Car Accident

There was a wreck last night that killed 4 teens.  I ask for prayers for strength, guidance, and comfort, and Godly wisdom for the friends and families of the lost.


My Son's Health

My 19 year old son has had numerous health issues within 4 months.  His immune system is still weak, because of all these illnesses.  It has been about 3 weeks since strep. He acts and feels fine, but he is still loosing weight and he looks poorly.  He lost his medical insurance. My concern is he has cancer or there's more going on with him. He still is weak.  l ask prayers for healing and that he is able to see a doctor.  



My family needs prayers. There's so much anger, animosity and miscommunication.  We need to come back together. My husband and I need to get on the same page and lead our children, but we need guidance to do it right.   We love each other and we love our children. You know the song, "Lead Me",  that song sometimes echoes through me.  We have some big decisions about finances, church relationships and family.  I am reaching out because I do not feel like I have anybody really close, other than my husband.  Thank you so much for your prayer in your heart.  


Our Family

Please pray for our family during life transition since the loss of my sister.

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