Prayer Center


Starting over

I'm pleased to say that after a year of prayer the Lord answered our prayer and provided us with a new home today. The place we were living in had a bug problem so we are having to replace everything.   We are in need of several basic items for the new home.  We are extremely grateful for the new home.  Praise the Lord. 


My Son

I have a 6 year-old boy who has ASHL and if he doesn't take medicine, he is out of control. We have been struggling to find one that works and it's been so hard on the both of us. I try to find different ways to give it to him and he is constantly fighting with me. The medicine helps control his behavior at school. Please pray that there will be something we can find to help with his illness.  


Revival and Family Provision

About 9 months ago, God laid it on my husband's heart to do something to unite the churches in our area. He was obedient and has planned a praise, worship and prayer event to do just that. The Lord has provided confirmations for our family that this is in his will and has provided the hands and feet to make it happen. We are so thankful to God for giving us this vision and task (we had been praying for him to reveal our purpose) but have still struggled with moments of self-doubt and fear of failure. We are praying that the Lord will continue to give us strength and encouragement as well as funding and help so that this event can do exactly what he's intended for it to do; bring unity in the body of Christ and revival in our community and beyond.


Heal my Foot

I broke my right foot last week upon falling.  I might need surgery, but I am praying that God heals it without surgery.  Please pray for healing of my foot. Thank you and have a blessed day.  


Job Promotion

I would like to request prayer for a recent job promotion.  I am qualified and I believe the interview went well, but I need prayer to ease me of worrying and if it is God's will.  It has been stressful waiting patiently until they make the decision. This job promotion would help me so much as a single mom who isn't receiving child support. Thank you for you time!  God bless!