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Marriage Needs of Desperate Help

I am requesting prayer for my marriage and our hearts. We are in need of a true working of GOD. I know nothing is too big for God! I am believing in a miracle to save our marriage. If a miracle does not happen in our marriage, a family, a home, dreams and promises will crumble. I am fasting, praying, and reading His Word believing and waiting on our miracle. Please pray for us and our family.  ALL IN 


Bad Health

Please pray for my daughter.  She is fighting health issues and is living far away from me and I can't help her.  She is very strong willed, but she needs prayer that she can be directed by Jesus and get strong and know that with his help and guidance she can over come this. Thank you in Jesus' Holy Name!!



Please pray that I would seek things that are above, desire godly things and that I would not love the world. Thank you



My friend has lost her mom and she is going through a lot right now. Her heart is broken. She misses her mom so much. Please pray that the Lord will give her peace in her life.  Thank you


Fighting Cancer

My grandmother has been struggling with cancer for a year and 4 months. She has a big tumor in her leg.  She has a bone marrow biopsy September 14th, so please pray for the doctors to have wisdom. Pray that she will have trust in the Lord as she goes through all of this. Let God show her the path he wants for her.   Thank you for all of your prayers.


Fields of Faith - Farmington High School FCA

We are requesting your locking arms with us in prayer as we invite God to move mightily at the FIRST ever FCA Fields of Faith at Farmington HS. While it is an event sponsored by Fellowship of Christian Athletes, we are praying that anyone who needs to hear the Word will be there that night. We are praying that hearts are open that evening to receiving the Word, as well. On October 10th, from 6-8 we pray for wonderful fellowship, strong connections to other believers and to God, many smiles, much laughter, a lot of hugs, confession, and restoration. Thank you, in Jesus' Name!



We would love more than anything to have our own house to make a home. It seems like every possible lead we get it a dead end road, it's very discouraging.


My Mother

My mother suffers from her knee and ankle being extremely swollen and can’t afford surgery.  Everyday she has to work in that condition with unbearable pain.


Bad Situation

My daughter and grandchild is in a bad situation, please pray for them.  



Our dog was injured by bullets and need prayers. 

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