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God's protection

 I pray for God's protection during a messy divorce/child support process.  Please keep me in your prayers for God to intervene and for God's protection. Thank you.


Physical and Financial Needs

I have been trying to get disability since I got cancer in 2011. Today, I'm in a wheelchair and struggle to survive. Please pray that some financial and physical needs will be met, so I will not be home bound.   


New Relationship

I have recently been in contact with a man I had been in love with many years ago. We were young and being in love scared us and so things didn't work out like we had hoped. Now we have gotten back in touch with each other, the problem is that he lives across the country. I pray God will let this relationship happen somehow. I don't understand why God would have brought him back into my life if he wasn't giving us a second chance to be together.


Prayers for Grandma

My grandma is feeling ill and I hope she feels better.


Prayers for our Family

Our uncle went to be with the Lord on Monday morning. Our family is hurting but we know he is not in pain any longer and walking with Jesus.  


Salvation and Healing

Dear Almighty God in Christ Jesus, In addition to their other medical problems - YOU know who has stage 4 breast cancer.  They are spiritually lost.  I humbly, hopefully, and sincerely, pray that YOU shall be pleased to SAVE their poor soul and miraculously heal their frail body, and ease their troubled mind, as only YOU CAN - for YOUR OWN Glory, Honor, Praise, and Good Pleasure. Respectfully, In Jesus Christ Holy Name. Amen.


Storms of Life

Several months ago my husband lost his job after working for a company 16 years. He has yet to find a steady job. If the stress of him losing his job and trying to find another one wasn't enough, my ex-husband is suing me. We are trying to keep our focus on Jesus but at times I tend to start worrying and the stress seems to mound up. The first song I heard this morning was "Eye of the Storm" by Ray Stevenson and this really touched me. I am praying that God will soon open up the door for a job for my husband where he can use him and that he will soften my ex-husband's heart and we will be able to settle outside of court or if we do have to go to court that I will find favor in the judge's eye.



My children have taken me out of their lives and it hurts so much. My prayer is that they will not stay away too long. My heart hurts not getting to see my grandchildren. I just need prayer to heal my heart and not let me be bitter. I did the 21 day challenge and it helped me through a tough spot and I continue to listen KLRC for up lifting.


Return to Happiness and Hope

I am struggling today after receiving news at work yesterday that is very discouraging. My new job that I had prayed for 10 years to receive changed from happiness, excitement, and the feeling of receiving a huge blessings to disappointment and concern within an hour long conversation. I want to believe the Lord has a plan for me and that this will work out and lead to even better things, but I am struggling based on what I can see now. I am asking for prayers of intervention in my job situation. I'm asking for the Lord to return the feeling of blessings and hope that I had before yesterday. I'm asking for help to make it through the challenges I face. Please pray with me that the Lord will create a positive result out of what currently feels like a hopeless situation. Thank you for your prayers.


Prayers for my Uncle

My aunt just found out today that my uncle has congestive heart failure and liver failure. I know God has a plan. Please keep him and my family in your prayers. I know God can heal him.

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