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Prayers for Healing

I really need a miracle from the Lord. I was diagnosed with breast cancer about ten years ago that has metastisized to the spine. I am currently on two very heavy chemo pills. My doctor says he cannot cure me. He can only treat the symptoms at best. I serve a BIG GOD who can restore my health completely. Nothing is too hard for him. Please pray that I will be healed soon. This has been a tough battle.


Sixteen Year Old Needs Prayers

Please pray for our 16 year old niece, Faith, who has a heart condition. The doctors say she needs surgery. 


Sister Battling Cancer

Please pray for my youngest sister, Suzy, who is battling bone cancer. We know God is able!


Healing and God's Hand on my Son and Myself

The last two months I have faced death 3 times, but God's hand has been on my life. I fell and broke my right shoulder and had a complete replacement. Two weeks later, I had congestive heart failure and then open heart surgery. I know God has been with me and my son (I am a single parent of a 6 year old boy). Pray that I keep my focus on God. Pray for a supernatural healing. Lastly pray that the financial needs are met.  They tell me it could be December before I get to go back to work.


Prayers Needed for a Job

I just lost my job. I needs prayer to find another one as soon as possible.