Prayer Center


God's Will and Adding to our Family

It has been on our hearts for a while now regarding adoption. God is leading us on this journey to add to our family. We are looking to adopt a child from Malawi Africa. We are needing help and prayers in several ways. As we are adopting international, this can be fairly expensive. We are asking for help with finances, as this is the biggest area of our prayer needs. We are needing prayer for finances, for our family, for God to show us the child he has created for us. You can check out our story and maybe help out by sharing our story as well. Thank you all and God Bless.


Continued Strength and Guidance.

As a foster family we continually need to pray. We have 3 bio kids and 4 that are in foster care. I ask for prayers that God will continue to provide and bless me as I search for a new job that will allow me to be home more often. (Currently I have 160 hours on this paycheck, for 2 weeks.)


The Most Wonderful Man

My husband, Mike, is 58 years old and has been battling lung cancer for a year.  We need a miracle.



I'm going through alot and it is majorly depressing.  I haven't spent time with my mom, dad, brother or sister in almost two weeks.  My sister was talking bad about me, and I choose to stand up for myself and ever since then I have been being bullied by them.  I don't know if I will ever be able to have a relationship with them again.  It hurts me because my two girls love there nana and pawpaw, but I refuse to allow their bad behavior to be rewarded by seeing me and my children.  It hurts my heart very badly.  Please lift me up in prayer.


Seeking Lifechange

I need prayer to center Christ in my life, to bring healing to my wife and me in our marriage.