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A Friend

My friend is going through several hardships.   Her daughter was a preemie and under went an unsuccessful surgery. Please pray for the daughters help and for her family to strengthen their faith and hope. Help them to be encouraged to pull through these hard times!



On January 11th, I submitted a prayer request titled, "Our Family". My husband and I have had a very difficult marriage since last year. We have been married almost  19 years.  I asked him to pack his things and leave and he didn't. We both attended  Retrouvaille.   It helps struggling, difficult marriages, as well as, couples who are separated, divorced or facing divorce. He wanted to go with me.  I have had a problem of letting the past go because of how this has affected me. Now, I am living away from my kids because he told me he doesn't love me anymore. I am trying to get my CNA. I feel alone and he has filed for divorce. I cry every day and night because of this. I don't want the divorce. What he told me at Retrouvaille in February is completely different than what he is doing now. I know I don't deserve to be pushed away. He has changed the locks on our home. Please pray!!!!


Recovery for a Child

Please keep a little boy named Dakota in your prayers. He shot himself and had to be care flighted. He is now on life support,


Holding onto my Faith

Please keep my family in your prayers. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. After having the tumor removed, going through radiation treatment and not able to work. This has been a difficult season for my family. I'm trying to hold on to my faith that soon things will get better. Right now we are struggling with food. The little money we have needs to go toward gas so my husband can get to and from work. It's not as easy to just drive to food banks when we don't have gas. I'm sorry I feel bad for worrying about our food because it makes me feel as though my faith is not as strong as I thought. Please keep us in your prayers I know God will provide.


Power of Prayer

Please pray that God would restore our marriage and we would have a stronger relationship with him, and we give God all the Glory. Amen.


Job Search

God blessed me with a job close to home and with a Christian boss. My boss is down sizing so I need another job immediately. I pray that God will open the door quickly for me as I have no other source of income. I know God is in control and I ask others to bind with me in finding the job that God would call me to quickly.


Need Employment

I have been without employment since January and it is taking a toll on the finances of myself and my family to the worst extent it has ever been. I not only need a job, but it really should be a daytime job for the sake of my mental health. When I work nights I struggle with depression and low morale.


Need a Job

I have been waiting patiently on God to answer my prayers, but He hasn't done so as of yet, and I'm done. Back in 2010, I was working in law enforcement and my wife left me for another man. I went into a severe deep depression where I attempted suicide. A few months later I was terminated from my job because a dispatcher there said I sexually harassed her, though there was no evidence. I asked if I could be transferred to a different shift where it was busier and it would keep me from dwelling on my wife and her affair. He said I could and the very next day I was called into the office and advised of the harassment complaint. I tried suing for wrongful termination, and when they were served the papers, they pressed charges against me, for stalking the female dispatcher, which was untrue. I couldn't afford to continue fighting them, so I plead guilty to harassment. I have tried so very hard to obtain a job in law enforcement again, because it's the only thing I've ever been good at. I did it for over 12 years and have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, and have received certificates for first line supervisor and field training officer.   I am unemployed now and am in a financial bind. I always prayed before going into a law enforcement interview that God will open the door for me to get that job. The interviews will always go really well, but when asked if I have ever been terminated from a job, I let them know I had and then had to explain why. Then I never hear from them again. Being a cop is all I want to do, but it doesn't look like that isn't going to happen. I always believed that God knows the truth and He will open the doors for it to happen.  I feel like a failure and this is causing issues with depression again. I've stopped going to church and though I want to go back, I feel like a hypocrite because my faith is dwindling and is next to nothing.


Back Surgery

Please pray for my husband.  His surgery is scheduled in August. His pain is unbearable, and this is the last resort to him getting relief. I know God is able.



Please pray for health to be restored to my Uncle. He is having issues with his lungs. I know all things are possible through Jesus Christ! Please remove this mass and heal this great man. He is the one that holds our family together. I pray for healing and strength for him. In Jesus precious name we pray-Amen

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