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Healing for a Little Boy

My cousin's son, Nile McMillan, has injured his hand terribly. There have been complications and risk of allergic reaction to anesthesia. Please pray the Lord heals him 100%, comforts him and his family,  uses this boy to be an example of His great powers and love for His children, and that the doctors have the knowledge and ability to help him. Thank you.


Prayer for Job

My prayer request is for a new job. I feel God guiding me away from my current position and to a new place for the next school year. I have hope that better things are in store for me and I pray that God guides my steps and helps me through the interview and hiring process. I pray that the call from the right school comes soon! Thank you so much!



I post here a lot, mainly because I don't have anywhere else to turn.  My son's surgery was last week, his birthday is this week. A HUGE thank you to the woman who sent my son a little something becauase I can't do much for him now. We went to court again Thursday and got a one year PO against my psycho ex, then my daughter broke her finger that night. Have to see a hand surgeon on Monday. My daughter just barely turned nine, but this will be her 5th surgery in less than two years and there will be more in the future. My head is spinning and my heart is hurting. I also found out a few days ago that my dad has stage three lung cancer. I'm so overwhelmed. Please pray for him and for both of my children and their healing. I sometimes feel like I have so much to deal with and I don't know how. My "dad" lives in Texas. and we don't have any friends or family. It's just me and the children. We need friends, we need comfort, and we need support.


Prayers for my Family

Please pray for my dad who is dying of cancer and my mother who has been taking care of him. She has been in remission, but now her cancer is back. This is very, very difficult for our family. Thank you.


Surgery Update and a Birthday

My little boy's surgery went as well as it could have. It was very tough and the recovery has been slow and grueling and hard on us all. His birthday is in one week. A nice woman offered to send him a card so that he has something to open on his day. What a heartfelt and caring woman. With out wich, he won't have much to look forward to. If you would also like to show my son the pure love of Christ: PO Box 1182 Vinita OK 74301.