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Prayer Center


Son's addiction

Please pray for my son. God knows his name. He needs total healing and restoration from pain medicine addiction.


Prayers of Health, Family & Employment

I have suffered for ten years now with active ulcerative colitis and have missed out on so much life.  Once a workaholic,loving life, and all of a sudden on that 21st day in April 2006, my life changed to very ill, weak, embarrassing, painful, broke, and depressingly undependable.  My prayers are for God to please heal my body, heal my family's relationship, bless me with a job, the ability to catch up on 10 years worth of lost income, and have a beautiful bonding vacation with my wife and children.  I am now a very humble man, found more love for Christ, and compassion for others like never before.  


Need God's Guidance

After many years I have to sell my home and move.  I'm alone for the first time in 37 years, not knowing where I will move or what I will do.  I also am in need of a way to provide for myself.  There is so much to go through but little time to do it. I am truly overwhelmed.


Prayers for my daughter

I am desperately asking for prayers for my 7 year old daughter. She has had a tough little life due to drug use by her biological mother during and after pregnancy. She is having a tough time right now and is battling with having thoughts of suicide. The doctors want to put her in a facility but we feel she is better with her family. We just ask for prayers to heal her and help her through this tough time. Thank you!


Prayers for Wife

My wife has suffered a serious adrenal fatigue crash. When this happens blood sugar gets effected as well as an increase in anxiety, high fatigue, and depression. We are entering week 7 of her illness. We are trusting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for healing, peace, and comfort. Going through this has brought my wife back to her Creator and we rejoice in that, and in the fact that our God is always faithful. Thank you for your prayers!


Upcoming Wedding

Please pray that everything works out for my son and soon to be daughter in law with their wedding & marriage.  


A New Career

I am looking to begin a career in Television, Film, Video, some aspect of entertainment.  I ask for God to see this through.


Starting School

I have always felt led to our son being in a private Christian school, however finances have made that impossible at the moment. Our son started Kindergarten this past Wednesday and I just can't stop crying. We know that his personality type very much needs a classroom setting (we have tried homeschooling in PreK). Please pray that God will somehow provide us with the means to send him to a Christian school or give us peace about public school. Thank you.


Prayers for my Family

My family & I are going through a very difficult time & change. Please pray Gods will is done as he wishes.


Neighbor Needs Prayers

Please pray for my neighbor.  The abusive dad took all their belongings and they are all sleeping on the floor on blankets.  Please pray for resources in the south Fayetteville area for their physical needs to be met soon.   

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