Prayer Center


Friend with Cancer

Please pray for my friend Kathy. She has been diagnosed with Melanoma. Please pray for complete healing, and also calmness and peace for her, family and friends who love her so much. Thank you.


Pray for Talan

My friends' little boy is only 16months old. He is in the hospital and doctors can't find any answer to everyone's question..why did he stop breathing in his sleep? Talan was a happy little boy October 31st. But November 1st his dad Izaiah went to wake him up but found him not breathing. Krystal and Izaiah need all the support and prayers they can get. They are starting a prayer chain tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. and they even have a page on Facebook for him called Pray for Talan...all the love and support would be greatly apriciated. We need all prayer warriors out there and everyone two please pray for him...we need a miracle.  


Baby Jayten

I am requesting a prayer for a family in NE Oklahoma that lost their 1yr old son last night. Baby Jayten had been batting a liver disease that required a transplant that Baby Jayten did receive early Wednesday morning last week. But with complications and a second surgery Sunday morning, Baby Jayten was put back on donors list as Priority. But with great sadness Baby Jayten gained his angel wings late last night November 1, 2015 while waiting for a second donor. The family was in Ohama, Nebraska at the hospital when God called upon Baby Jayten to join his eternal family. I pray for peace, comfort and safe travels for the Campbell Family through these difficult times. Baby Jayten was such a strong fighter and a blessing to the community involved in his fight. Baby Jayten has made us all stronger in love.


Prayers for my Mom

My mom has parkinson and is living alone. She has been falling a lot. We need to get her closer so we can take care of her better. Her trailor house is leaking and causing mold. We need help with building a ramp and fixing the floor. She is on a fixed income. It there is anyone willing to donate their time to helping with this please let me know. or 365-0341. Thank you so much.


Feb 23 Job Request Update

Thank you all and most especially Jesus for prayers answered. I have received a job offer and am so grateful. Our God is awesome and he hears our prayers and requests. Don't ever doubt the living God - where two or more agree, it will be done in Jesus' name. AMEN.