Prayer Center


Second Interview for a Job

Please be in prayer for me. I lost my job in March of 2013 and have been going to school to get a degree in Information Technology. I have a second interview and pray that this is the job God has in store for me. I also pray that this job, if I get it, will provide what my family needs financially and with health insurance. I pray that I give the interview that the manager is looking for.


Peace in my Healing

I broke my femur recently, and all was well until a huge wall of despair fell over me. I don't need anything, arms or legs or possessions, to be content in my life, only that Jesus would continue to wash me with peace and unbound me from my affliction, so that I would be able to heal in this time and be free to delight in Him. It has gotten better everyday. I pray that He will continue to rescue me, because He is so good. Thank you so very much.


Praying for God's Will in a Job

I have been interviewing for new jobs externally since 2011 and though I have had many interviews, I have not succeeded in receiving an offer for the role that I desire. I have a couple of roles that I am interviewing for next week.  I would appreciate being lifted up in prayer that I would receive the Lord's favor and receive an offer only if it is his perfect will. Thank you for your prayers.


Strength and Hope

I am a single mother of 2 kids, and am working all the time and have no time for anything else. I just want some strength to keep moving and to stay positive. I also need prayer for my family...they very much need more God in their lives.


Brother vs. Brother

Please pray for my 2 older sons. The oldest son allowed my 2nd son to move in with him. After a month, the younger one moved his girlfriend in too. My older son, who is a Christian, told him no and that the girlfriend had to leave. He told them that according to the Bible they could not live together without being married and especially in his house. The two brothers got into a big argument.