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Standing for my Marriage

I am trying to forgive my husband for a 2 year affair with another women, with getting in trouble with the law(facing jail time), an alcohol addiction and pornography. I have been worried about getting hurt again and worry only means I am not trusting God. I know He does but I am being attacked by the devil. Triggers keep getting in my head and heart. My dh is trying his best now, has accepted Jesus(PTL), gone to AA and has been doing everything in his power to try and treat me right. We are spending a lot of time together and going to church. We both attend Bible studies at our church which is very new for us.


Daughter Needs Prayer

My daughter has two children to raise alone. They are 5 and 2. She has lost her job also and has been staying in a trailer with floors caving in and maybe even termites.  It used to be mine, but it's all I could do for her. Bills are hard to pay and they have hardly any food. I don't know what to do as I don't have much myself.  I've prayed God would send help soon.  She's trying her best but everything just keeps knocking her down. Please pray.  Thank you.


Driver's Test

Please pray that I will pass my written and driving part of the driver's exam. I let my license expire and have not taken the test in many years.



Please pray for direction for a full time job and the opening of it. For no weekends and insurance with good pay.This has been an issue in my marriage for several years. I need help. Please also pray that my court case would be settled out of court. Thank you and God Bless You! Also could you pray for my husband and children's salvation and for them to be walking with the Savior!


Praise--I Found a Job

I really don't have a prayer request;  Ihave more of a praise... I have a job now and I start on Monday of next week.