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Fireproof my Marriage

My wife came home after 11 years of marriage and stated that she doesn't love me anymore and that she wants a divorce.  This is after she had several affairs with other men and I stayed with her because I love her.  I am asking for prayer to help save our marriage, for strength to get through all of this, and to ask the Lord to open her heart and fill it with love again.


Prayer for my Brother-in-Law

I'm asking for prayers for my brother in law please. He has let methamphetamine back into his life but this time a beautiful innocent child is involved. Please pray for him, his wife,the baby girl, and my family as we take control of this situation before it's too late.  Thank you so much and God Bless!



My mom passed away a couple years ago. Since then I have battled with depression, hatred, anger and all the other emotions that one battles. She died of health problems due to diabetes caused by being over weight. I've put on a lot of weight in this time frame and I'm ready to be free of the weight and all those negative emotions. Please pray that I can do this and have the support and help of those close to me. Thanks


Prayer for Home

Please pray for my children and I.  Our home has mold growing and 1 baby is on the way.  I can't move.  The money I make pays bills and nothing extra.   I don't have family to help in this hard time. I have an account set up for donations to help us get into a better, cleaner environment.  Please e-mail me with any advice..


Family Needs Prayer

I am 16 years old and asked for prayer for my father.  He lost his battle with cancer, and his funeral was Tuesday, June 2.  Please pray for me and my family as we grieve this loss and go forward with life.  Thank you.