Prayer Center


Father-in-Law with Cancer

My father in law has colon cancer. He has 6 straight weeks of radiation and chemo. This is his final week of radiation. He is having major side effects and is feeling so down. He said he can't take it anymore. Please pray for no more side effects and a healing.


Needs Prayer for Direction

I am 30 and living with my parents.  I need a car so I can get to work.  I need a career.  I have no children, and I've never been married.  What is God's calling for me? Thank you for your prayers.


Prayer for Provision for Repairs

Pray for God to provide the $310.64 needed to repair my vehicle.  I am on a very limited budget and do not have the extra money to fix car which needs repairs badly.  This is only vehicle I have and if it breaks down completely, I won't be able to get to work. God miraculously provided tires so I know he will provide for these repairs. Thank you.


Friend's Husband with Kidney Disease

I am asking prayers for a friend's husband who has been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. If his condition declines, it could mean looking for a transplant. Asking for God's perfect will.


To Find a Home

Please pray for me and my family as our landlord is selling the house, and we need to find a new place to live.  I have prayed for guidance to lead me to the one and need your help.  Thank you and God bless!