Prayer Center


Car Trouble

Please pray for my husband and me. We thought the vehicle we were getting was amazing, and it just turned out to be a whole mess. We prayed and prayed for a vehicle and thought this one was it. We jumped into it and didn't listen to God. Please pray for us.



I asked for prayer several months ago for my family's situation. Things have become extremely overwhelming. I lost a very close family member recently, came home from funeral with not one but two vehicles down. My marriage has gotten much worse. No matter how hard I try to reach him and try to even talk to him or what I do to try to better the situation, nothing helps. The day I got back from the funeral, the truck I have used for over 7 years to provide for my family financially was taken away from me by him. For no reason what so ever. And I am the one who is the only one working and trying my hardest to meet my family's financial needs.  Then to make things worse one of my children sustained a very serious sport related injury and has to have major surgery. I have prayed and had more conversations with Jesus daily then ever before.


Prayer for a Job

God, please help me get through my upcoming background check so I will get this job. This job will allow me to regain my professional footing and provide a good life for my children. I know I made a couple mistakes in the past as a result from my drinking, but please give me an opportunity to redeem myself and show you that I'm worthy of your help. Thank you God. I love you. Amen.


Marriage and Acceptance

Please pray that the hearts of my ex-fiancé' s parents and family will accept me back into their daughter's and their lives. Pray that we will reunite in a covenant marriage as planned soon and give me a miracle and beautiful testimony that I can praise and glorify God with. I love her and her family more than anyone in this world and will devote all of my life, time, and resources to loving them and taking care of all their needs as a loving Godly Leader.


Prayers for my Wife

My wife was just diagnosed with cervical cancer yesterday. She is only 25 years old, and we have two kids that are 5 and 7 years old. Please be praying that we caught it in the early stages and that it can all be removed quickly.