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Prayers for Kelli

My friend Kelli is in need of God's presence. Kelli is in her 30's and has breast cancer for the 3rd time. She is a new Christian, and the devil has been working hard at her this weekend and is trying to tell her that her life is not worth it. She has been at her lowest of lows lately. Please pray that God will give her hope and courage to fight the cancer (which is currently stable) and to fight for her purpose in life by kicking the anxiety and Satan to the curb. Please pray that God will reveal himself to her daily and give her the strength to keep going. Thanks be to God and thank you in advance for your prayers.


GOD's Will in my Career

I have 2 interviews this week that align with a goal I have been seeking to achieve for the last 5 years.  The LORD has provided bountifully during this time for my family, and I've tried to be content waiting on HIM and HIS timing versus striving to achieve a desire that I feel was seeded in my heart to invest in lives within the secular workplace as a Sales Director.  Please pray for HIS favor in the interviews and that if it is HIS will I would receive an offer...And that he would provide HIS wisdom to know HIS perfect will of which role to accept.


Strained Parent/Child Relationship

Please pray for my daughter.  She has chosen to pursue an unhealthy relationship with a young man. She is not following the Christian values she was taught growing up. This young man is known to hang with people who use drugs, participate in sexual activities, known to leave debts unpaid, the list could go on, however, she refuses to see this. Please pray that her eyes are opened to the truth before it ruins her life.


An Update, Continue to Pray

A while ago I posted for prayer. In September last year my checks at work were messed up so badly it threw everything off track. Well, things have gotten worse. The electric company is billing me for a meter that's been broken for 2 years (they say they didnt know because my apartment was empty for 2 years).  I'm afraid I'm going to lose my car and be evicted as well. A few weeks ago I was let go at work and now have 0 income.


Relationship Problems

I am a 24 (almost 25) year old college student, and I live with my parents. I was adopted from an extremely bad situation when I was 15 by my now parents. However as the years have progressed our relationship has gotten worse and worse. It is now at the point of almost complete hopelessness. Please pray for me and my parents relationship. Thank you.