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Prayer for Salvation and Restoration

My husband moved out last year and filed for divorce, which was finalized last year. God has told me to stand for his salvation and marriage restoration. It's tough, but God has given me unconditional love for my spouse(even though courts say he's my ex, I still refer to him as spouse).


Nephews/Neices Need Guidance

I would like assistance in praying for my teenage nieces and nephews who are struggling with making wise choices in their lives. I would like to see them quit making bad choices in school, drugs/alcohol, and find a new path that will help them build a better future for their lives. I want to see them graduate, get motivated to continue their education after high school, and to serve the Lord.


Prayer for My Family

My uncle Chris passed away early this morning, and he is in heaven now with the Lord.


Root Canal for a Friend

I would like you to pray for my friend. He is going to be having a root canal on the 17th. Just pray that the Lord will give the surgeons wisdom and guidance and that he will make a rapid recovery. Thank you!


Family Needs Provision

Please pray for my family. We need a car loan, but because of past issues, no one will give us a chance. We have been driving a car and making payments, but the car was in my mother's name. She recently was divorced and had to file bankruptcy and was only allowed to keep one car. That means the car we are using has to go. My husband was saved 4 years ago and is working full-time, so we are able to make payments, if only a door would open for a loan. We have two children and a baby on the way. Thank you for your prayers.