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Pray for Provision

First, I want to say thank you for all the prayers about a vehicle for my son and me. God provided us a vehicle of my own, and it has truly been a blessing to us. I am just two years away from graduating. I start my internship this Fall, which means I will start seeing clients for counseling. I am praying that God will use me to reach to each person He brings my way. I will be working as a substitute teacher again this school year, which I am also thankful for. However, I do not get my first pay check until near the end of September. I will not have any other means of income to pay bills, make sure I have gas, or can provide for non-food item needs for my son and me after August 12th. Please pray that God will help provide for our needs, either through another part-time job or help from somewhere else.


Never Ending Struggle

Please pray that my husband's efforts for clearing warrants issued will be resolved soon. Fourteen years of marriage may come to an end because I'm starting to lose my strength to hold on to this never ending struggle. He pays one and get other warrant. I just want him to get his license back and relieve me from worry. My son of 12 and daughter of 8 and I want to plan family time together but he is putting it all into paying his dues with the law, a consequence of his prior drug problem with meth. I know it is possible but currently seems impossible to me. Please pray for me to not lose faith. THANKS


Can't Catch a Break

I'm 35. I have been hit with one thing after another for the last 4-5 years...lots of health problems, caring for a sick spouse and then widowed last year, depression, financial debt due to medical bills and now my kidneys may be failing. It's a difficult and lonely road. I have come to a complete stop in all aspects of my life. I realize I need to rebuild my relationship with God again. Please pray that God would bring along the right people to help me. Pray for motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that in the end, I can say to God "I did the best I knew how". Thank you.


Mouth Pain

I am trying to get the rest of my teeth pulled on the top so I can receive dentures. I have a genetic disorder that causes me to loose my teeth. I only have 11 teeth left. I have been able to get the down payment but having trouble getting the rest for the top denture and lower partial, but I know God will provide because He is an amazing God


Mother of Two

I lost my job in June and have been unable to find employment.  It has been hard on my husband to provide for us. We have not been approved for food assistance. Please pray that we would be able to afford formula for our 4 month old and adequate nutrition for our 5 year old.


Please Pray for our Police Officers

Please pray for our officers who patrol our streets. Please pray for God to walk with them at all times on duty and off. Please pray for Him to protect them, provide clarity, strength, courage, and that He guides them in those times when decisions must be made in the blink of an eye. Please also pray for those families who have lost loved ones in the events that have transpired in the last few days. May these trying times help soften hardened hearts and bring our nation closer to God.


Prayers for Housing

Prayer Update: Thank you for your prayers, I seriously appreciate them! If all goes well we will be moving into a nice apartment tomorrow. Please continue to lift us in your prayers.


Prayers for Peace

 My husband and I have separated.  The relationship is toxic and affecting our children.  Please pray for our safety, my financial situation, and for my son to become a believer.  


Financial Difficulties

I am a single mom, who does not receive child support and my mother lives with me.  Please pray that we will be able to pay our rent this month.


Prayers for Papa

My Grandfather was working on tearing out an old deck at his house. The deck gave out and he fell two stories. He crushed his ankle on his right foot, broke his heel on his left foot, and broke several ribs.  He won't be able to put any weight on both feet for at least 10 weeks. He only has one kidney and it is only functioning at about 23%, which has us worried about the surgery he's going into this morning. So please keep him in your prayers!

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