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.Friend with Cancer

I am believing God for a complete and miraculous healing for my friend of breast cancer that has metastisized to the bone.


Kell & her Family

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for my financial and health situation. God has been faithfully in getting me to the next step. Still struggling but am so grateful. Please now pray for my friend Kell. Her family grew from 5 to 7 due to her kind Christian heart and her involvement with a neighbor who's sordid past caught up with her. Kell is now taking care of two more children in addition to 3 of her own. Both she and her husband have minimum wage jobs and live in a very small 3 bedroom duplex. Please pray for protection, health and finances. Thank you, prayer warriors!!!


My Friend's Loss

One of my best friends carried her baby to almost full term, and he passed away the day after he was born! Please pray for her that God wraps his loving arms around her. Amen!


Prayer for Health

I got sick with Adrenal Fatigue in 2013.  I have been bed ridden for six months or more at a time.. This year my dad was diagnosed with cancer and just recently my mom had a heart attack, beginning of kidney failure, and uncontrolled diabetes. My husband, the only one working, took a job with more hours to provide for us and our four kids. Please pray I get back on my feet again so I can once more help my parents,  They have no one else.  I was helping them for two months but got sick again, so my help is limited.


Financial and Housing Problems

We've been living with the in-laws since my son was born. We have been trying to save money and get on our feet, but everything isn't going as planned. We are out a vehicle and do not have a reliable means for transportation. The in-laws say they do not want to take care of us for much longer and they don't want us using their vehicle. We have nowhere else to go and on top of all this, I am pregnant with another child on the way. I feel like we have nowhere to turn and that hurts me. Please pray for my family.