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My School & Nightmares

i want to pray for my school because this past week we had a shooting and it was gang related. The shooter was put into prison and the person shot was taken to the hospital. Then a few days after the shooting I had a dream that I went to a country where they weren't allowed to have church but I went to share the word of God.  We were in a building and I remember these guys coming in and saying bend down so we all did and then they pushed us to our knees and they shot us in the heads. My grandma had the same dream about me. I've been thinking strongly about this. Pray for peace.



Please pray for my young daughter and I. I have separated from my verbally abusive husband. He is fighting for primary custody of a daughter he has never spent one full day with before our temporary custody hearing. He has used faith and anything else he can to manipulate myself (and I'm now the enemy because I don't fall for his lies) and his family who is funding him to divorce me. Pray for protection upon my daughter and strength for me to fight the evil that envelopes him. I know my husband is suffering many things, please let this be his wake up call.


Cherry Hardcastle

I am currently working temporary jobs but need to find a permanent job to support myself, my daughter and my elderly mother. I have been make multiple applications and no responses yet. After 21 years in a career it is difficult to walk this path but I know God will provide. Please pray that God will open up a door for me to walk through.



I have been unemployed since June 1st. I have submitted an application a day almost every day since then and still I have not been hired. I have given everything into God's hands. It is very frustrating to not find work. When I call some of the places where I have sent some applications they have told me that they have received over 100 applications. You know that there is a real need to work here in Fayetteville. I pray for all of us who need employment but I wish it was my time to get a job now.


My Friends' Parents

I have two friends they are really great guys. They go to the same school. One just found out his mom has colon cancer. She's one of the best people I know. I know God can heal her, but I need some prayer power.